10 Steps To Guarantee Failure…John Page Burton

During any given week, the vast majority of us are exposed to hundreds of “motivational” messages. If you are feeling depressed, overwhelmed, overweight, spiritually lost or your relationship has lost it’s zeal, someone has the answer for you. All a person has to do is log onto their Facebook stream where they will find a plethora of motivational messages that are provided free of charge, courtesy of a diverse group of individuals who are more than likely just as ” screwed up” as we are. I like to call it mirroring. One must ask, what messages are freely given to the person who doesn’t desire to be “fixed” or “uplifted”, the person who simply wants to live a “low exertion lifestyle”?   This message is for YOU!!! I have compiled a “fool proof” check list that is guaranteed to help you remain a  chronic underachiever. These tips will serve you well as you continue down your path of least resistance.

Ten Steps To Guaranteed Failure…

1.Establish several extremely vague goals. Use phrases like “I think I want a new car” or “It would be cool to go on a nice vacation somewhere”. The vaguer your  goal is, the greater the odds are that you will never achieve it!

2. Try hard not to visualize your goals. Remember, when we stay focused on anything long enough it may just come to fruition. Be careful what you focus on!

3.When you verbalize your goals make sure to use negative language. THIS IS CRITICAL!!! Using words like CAN’T and TRY will help you kill your goals before they have a chance to gain traction.  “I Can’t ever lose weight” or I’ll give it a TRY” are very effective goal killers!

4. Do not set up any type of measurement system. Your objective is to remain as inactive as possible. Having a plan or measurement system is going to complicate this process. There is no need to feel like you must stretch and grow.

5.Take minimal or no action at all.  Feel free to talk about your goals but under no circumstances should you move towards them. Action can be a fatal mistake for  an underachiever.

6.Make sure that the timing is never right. By implementing this strategy you are ensuring that you will always have an “out”. For example, “I will start dieting after the holidays” or “I’ll wait until after the kids go back to school”  are excellent excuses for anyone who is wavering on starting a diet and exercise program. The key is to leave yourself some wiggle room.

7.Don’t hire a coach or recruit a work out partner. Accountability is the underachievers worst nightmare. The last thing you need is a success strategy and a partner that will hold you accountable for your results!

8.Make sure that you have plenty of distractions. The more distractions you are able to create the less time you will have to address or focus on your objectives. Be creative, distractions should be fun!

9. Think small. The smaller you think the less you have to worry about. Owning a larger home, a nicer car or saving money for a family dream vacation is just going to heap more responsibility on you. Your little box is warm and cozy, DON”T ROCK THE BOAT!!!

10. AVOID personal growth! It is imperative that you shy away from motivational books, tapes, speakers or blogs. The messages they put forth are only going to confuse you. Remember, YOU are an underachiever, the world needs you. Don’t fall for the hype!

Hopefully you have found this message to be uplifting and helpful.  I know that with just a TINY bit of effort, you can continue to live within the confines of mediocrity.

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