Is Pinocchio Syndrome Blocking Your Success? John Page Burton

Most of us are familiar with the story of Pinocchio. Pinocchio was the creation of a wood worker named Geppetto. Geppetto created Pinocchio to be a puppet but Pinocchio wanted to be so much more, he wanted to be a boy! As the fairytale goes, Pinocchio was prone to fabricating the truth and each time he told a lie his wooden nose would grow. His nose became a dead giveaway to those around him whenever he was not being truthful. Much like young Pinocchio, many of us continue to tell ourselves lies and although our nose doesn’t protrude from our face we are still suffering a subtle, yet painful sense of shame. We know at our very core that we are allowing the lies we tell ourselves to keep us from becoming the best version of ourselves. Through my own personal growth work and my interaction with hundreds of clients, I have identified 5 predominant lies that many of us have been telling ourselves for years. These lies will keep us from living the abundant, fulfilling lives we deserve.

THE PINOCCHIO SYNDROME…5 lies we must stop telling ourselves!

1. I’m not as gifted as he/she. All of us were born with unique talents and gifts. Our objective is to identify and use them to our greatest advantage. My ability to relate to and communicate with others is one of my gifts. As a life coach and author, my job is to use my gift to deliver great content to my readers and design success strategies for my clients to implement. If I spend my time comparing my results to those of Tony Robbins, I will become frustrated and it will distract me from sharing my authentic message . I will let Tony run his race and I will focus on running mine. Comparing my gifts and results to Tony’s doesn’t serve my greater good.

2. I’m not attractive enough. This is one of the biggest lies of all. Madison Avenue has led us to believe that if we are anything less than a “super model” driving a sports car our lives should be considered mediocre at best. God created and blessed each of us with our own unique body type and features. Our mind, emotions, desires, habits, knowledge, fortitude and persistence are what will determine the quality of our lives. I have known numerous “attractive” people who seem to always just “get by” and I have known numerous others who “society” would deem “aesthetically average” who have built companies, are leaders in their communities and have created true legacies. Looks will only get us so far and then we will have to rely on our intellect.

3. I don’t have the education. Whenever I am in the process of hiring someone I rarely ask to see their resume. I prefer to have a series of conversations with them. I am a firm believer that the “I will” is a far greater indicator of a persons potential for success than the “IQ”. I know several highly degreed individuals who can’t seem to hold down a job and I know several high school graduates (and GED recipients) that have built multi million dollar companies. What is the difference? In my opinion it is the desire, persistence, determination, vision, resolve and the other driving qualities found in a person with a high “I will”. When you find a person who has both a high “IQ” and a high “I will” you have hit the jack pot!

4. I don’t have the time. Whenever someone tells me that that they “would love to (fill in the blank) but just can’t find the time” I know that they are lying to themselves. ALL of us can easily create time for anything that is important to us. We can simply cut out wasteful activities or rearrange our schedule to allocate the time. For example, I was recently invited to join a mastermind group that holds it’s monthly call at the same time I have a scheduled call with a client who pays my fee a year in advance. I saw the value of being part of this mastermind group and so I called my client and asked if we could re-schedule our call by one hour. We can always find a solution once we deem something important. The bottom line is that truly busy people know how to manage their time.

5. I don’t have the right “success genes”. Our family environment plays a role in our success programming but it is not the determining factor for whether or not we are successful. Shelly Duncan has played professional baseball for 12 years and his brother Chris played professional baseball for 8 years. Their father is Dave Duncan, a professional pitching coach who spent most of his coaching career working under hall of fame coach Tony Larussa. Growing up, the boys spent their summer vacations “hanging out” with major league baseball players and coaches and had the opportunity to gather instruction in a major league environment. They both followed their fathers footsteps and have enjoyed successful careers in professional baseball. On the other hand, I have a client whose father was the CEO of a large company. When he was 12 years old, his father began taking him to work during summer vacation in order to teach him the “inner workings” of the corporate world. Throughout high school he spent his summers working in various departments within the company. He recently shared, “I felt never felt like I had a chance to be a kid”. During his freshman year in college, he was arrested and convicted for his role in an armed robbery. He served 4 1/2 years in prison and once released was unable to secure traditional employment because of his felony conviction. He has since gone on to enjoy tremendous success in the network marketing industry and routinely shares his success story from stages across the country. There are thousands of stories involving people who came from extreme poverty and despair to beat the odds and make it to the top. Success is a DECISION that must be followed up with HARD WORK & PERSISTENCE.

Remember, Pinocchio was created to be a puppet. He was uncomfortable being a puppet because he knew he was so much more. In reality, his life and his options were very limited and so he turned to fabrication to create that which he could never have. We were not created to be puppets and we were not designed to lie. Our Geppetto is the Ego and it is imperative that we cut the strings and run for the light!

I look forward to your thoughts and feedback. Cheers!