The Absolute Power Of Thought…John Page Burton

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I will never forget the day when my mentor Anthony Robbins stated, “your thoughts brought you here” and how it really pissed me off! At the time, I was very unhappy in my work life and my relationship was in the painful stage of winding down. The idea that somehow “my thoughts had brought me here” meant I was being asked to take ownership for my current reality and frankly, it didn’t feel so hot! Today, I realize if I had known better, I would have done better. Ah, behold the grandeur of hindsight.
Over the years, I have seen firsthand, the power to “bring about what we think about”. I have known a person who overcame a terminal illness, another who became a box office sensation and yet another who built a high eight figure business. I have also watched numerous people “think their way” into illness, poverty and despair. I would go so far as to say “what we think about, we tend to bring about” is the most empowering truth in the universe! In reality, our thoughts become our actions, our actions become our habits and our habits dictate the quality of our lives. Therefore it makes sense to think empowering thoughts. For example,  if I think the thought that I don’t have enough of _______________, I will more than likely never have enough of ____________________. On the other hand, if I think the thought, there is more than enough of everything for everyone, the chances are above average I will attract more than enough of everything.
*Am I enjoying my current reality? What role are my thoughts playing in any unhappiness I may be experiencing?
*What would my life look like if I began changing my negative thoughts to positive, uplifting ones? (All of us harbor negative thoughts)
*What fears have become a fixture in my current mindset? (we ALL have them) Are they holding me back in key areas of my life?
*What tired old stories do I continue to tell myself? I’m not smart, attractive or gifted enough? I am a victim of______________.
It’s really this simple yet many of us don’t fully understand the power behind WHAT WE THINK ABOUT WE TEND TO BRING ABOUT. Below is a 30 day challenge that is both enlightening and transforming for anyone who truly desires to rise above any dis empowering thoughts they may be clinging to.
*Monitor your thoughts. If you’re like most of us, you’ll be amazed at how many times in a given day we automatically drift into a negative thought pattern. For many, it routinely surfaces in the form of judgement, blame, jealousy, anger or guilt.
*Enroll an accountability partner(s) and keep track of how often you think or verbalize negative thoughts. Be especially aware of any that question your ability to excel in any area of your life. We are often our own worst enemy.
*Monitor your vocabulary. Remember, what we speak about we tend to bring about. We must speak over our negative self talk every time it arises. For example, change “I’m not qualified to receive a promotion at work” to “I am willing to do whatever it takes to earn a promotion at work”. It’s surprising how much trash we talk about ourselves!
*Fill your mind with empowering thoughts. All of us CHOOSE what we read, what we watch on television and who we spend our time with. When we fill our mind with empowering thoughts and associate with uplifting people, we can’t help but change our psyche. I recommend reading at least one personal development book per month. That’s 12 books a year. The only way to change a negative mindset is to feed it NEW, EMPOWERING information!
*The only way to move past fear is to confront it head on. Justifying or denying fear simply feeds it. For example, at first, most of us were intimidated by the thought of jumping off a diving board. It appeared daunting. Eventually, we closed our eyes and “let it rip”. Once we surfaced, our fear was gone and we were eager to climb the ladder and do it again! Sadly, far too many adults have never summoned the courage to “let it rip”. They are still allowing themselves to be held hostage to fear and many are transferring their unresolved fear onto their children. “LET IT RIP!!!!
Here’s to thinking great thoughts!

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