5 Suggestions For Addressing Mistakes…John Page Burton

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Have you ever made a mistake? Of course you have, we all make mistakes, it’s called being human. Many of us will make the same mistake more than once. (I certainly have!) In fact, the universe has an uncanny way of presenting us with the same lesson until we successfully graduate from the experience. In order to make our mistakes less painful, I highly recommend taking a closer look at the 5 suggestions below.

1) Own the mistake. We made it, therefore it’s our mistake. Taking the bottom line for our mistakes is an endearing leadership quality and builds our character. Own the mistake, so the mistake doesn’t own you!
2) Avoid blame. When we make a mistake, our first inclination may be to assign blame to someone else. This is commonly referred to as “looking for a scapegoat” or “throwing someone under the bus”. Unfortunately, this scenario happens frequently in life and business. Assigning false blame is a short term fix that has long term consequences.
3) Be humble. Admitting we made a mistake is the first step toward rectifying the mistake. Let’s face it, making a significant mistake can be a very humbling experience and our Ego wants us to do anything but admit we made it. Our ability to swallow our pride, own our mistake and focus our energy on resolving the mistake builds muscles of humility. Character is a bi product of humility.
4) Make amends. If our mistake has caused someone harm, it’s imperative we offer a sincere, heartfelt apology to the person(s) affected. This may be uncomfortable, however, in time, most people are willing to accept our apology if it is sincere.
5) Move on. It’s important not to let our mistakes define us. Far too many of us carry around feelings of guilt, shame or unworthiness based on mistakes we made in the past. The past should serve as a reference point, not a permanent resting place. LET IT GO! MOVE ON!
Mistakes happen, own them. Refrain from blame, it makes us appear weak. Humility is an endearing trait. A sincere apology takes courage. Keep moving forward, hanging in the past doesn’t serve us.
John Page Burton is a life and business coach and the author of two books. To learn more visit http://www.johnpageburton.com

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