5 Suggestions For Addressing Mistakes…John Page Burton

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Have you ever made a mistake? Of course you have, we all make mistakes, it’s called being human. Many of us will make the same mistake more than once. (I certainly have!) In fact, the universe has an uncanny way of presenting us with the same lesson until we successfully graduate from the experience. In order to make our mistakes less painful, I highly recommend taking a closer look at the 5 suggestions below.

1) Own the mistake. We made it, therefore it’s our mistake. Taking the bottom line for our mistakes is an endearing leadership quality and builds our character. Own the mistake, so the mistake doesn’t own you!
2) Avoid blame. When we make a mistake, our first inclination may be to assign blame to someone else. This is commonly referred to as “looking for a scapegoat” or “throwing someone under the bus”. Unfortunately, this scenario happens frequently in life and business. Assigning false blame is a short term fix that has long term consequences.
3) Be humble. Admitting we made a mistake is the first step toward rectifying the mistake. Let’s face it, making a significant mistake can be a very humbling experience and our Ego wants us to do anything but admit we made it. Our ability to swallow our pride, own our mistake and focus our energy on resolving the mistake builds muscles of humility. Character is a bi product of humility.
4) Make amends. If our mistake has caused someone harm, it’s imperative we offer a sincere, heartfelt apology to the person(s) affected. This may be uncomfortable, however, in time, most people are willing to accept our apology if it is sincere.
5) Move on. It’s important not to let our mistakes define us. Far too many of us carry around feelings of guilt, shame or unworthiness based on mistakes we made in the past. The past should serve as a reference point, not a permanent resting place. LET IT GO! MOVE ON!
Mistakes happen, own them. Refrain from blame, it makes us appear weak. Humility is an endearing trait. A sincere apology takes courage. Keep moving forward, hanging in the past doesn’t serve us.
John Page Burton is a life and business coach and the author of two books. To learn more visit http://www.johnpageburton.com

The Law of A.C.T.I.O.N. John Page Burton


Most of us are familiar with the “Law of Attraction”. Numerous books have been written about this law and how we can use it to manifest the things we desire. One of the most famous books written about the law of attraction is called The Secret. The Secret was also made into a blockbuster movie, viewed by millions of people worldwide. After reading The Secret or watching the movie, many of us set our intentions and waited anxiously for our dreams to manifest before our eyes.
Setting significant goals, constructing vision boards and speaking daily affirmations are important first steps toward bringing about what we desire, however, nothing of any real value will be created without applying “The Law of ACTION“.  In other words, just thinking about what we would like to attract into our lives will not bring about what we desire. If we desire to bring about what we are thinking about, we must set our intentions and then implement….

Accountability. We must be willing to take full responsibility for the goals we establish and the choices we make. When we possess a bottom line mentality, we will make choices and decisions that are congruent with our internal compass. The Law of ACTION leaves no room for justification and blame. We are the CEO of our life and we must be willing to take meaningful ACTION steps toward our objectives. Simply thinking about what we desire will not bring it into our reality.
Clarity. What do we desire to bring into our lives? We must design and EXECUTE specific strategies for accomplishing our objectives. (ACTION) Our clarity of purpose (VISION) keeps us on track and serves as a motivator whenever we face obstacles that threaten to derail our dreams.
Trust. Many of us have been led to believe that all we have to do is “visualize” what we desire, say a few affirmations and poof, it will appear. I am a firm believer in visualization, however, we must be willing to take ACTION if we want to manifest what we desire. ACTION requires us to trust ourselves and the process. When we doubt ourselves or our ability, we become vulnerable to those who peddle fiction. Again, simply thinking about what we desire will not bring it into existence if we are unwilling to do the work and trust the process.
Integrity. We must be in integrity with ourselves and others. Taking shortcuts or outright cheating will derail our success process. In other words, if our ACTIONS are not congruent with our stated intentions, we are destined for disappointment. Strive to be a person of integrity and allow the universe to line up the right people and opportunities to take your life and business to the next level and beyond!
Objectivity. If we find ourselves trying to fit a square peg in a round hole, we are well served to change our approach. Being open minded and remaining detached from expectations is the key to staying in ACTION mode. If something isn’t broken, don’t try to fix it. If something isn’t working, replace it.
Natural. Over time, The Law of ACTION becomes a habit. We simply set our intentions and take massive ACTION! 
I’m a big fan of the Law of Attraction and an even bigger fan of The Law of ACTION. When we combine the laws we can’t help but enjoy a  rich, rewarding life!
John Page Burton is a Life and Business coach and the author of Wisdom Through Failure, Guiding Principles For Life & Business and Knowing Sh#t From Shinola, Conquering Life One Breakthrough At A Time. To learn more visit http://www.johnpageburton.com

Why Getting Pissed Off Can Bring Out The Best In Us…John Page Burton

When we hear the words “pissed off”, many of us conjure up the image of a person with bulging eyeballs and smoke coming out of their ears. The dictionary defines “pissed” as being annoyed or angry. I believe being “pissed off” can be a good thing if we are truly committed to becoming the best version of ourselves. Humans are driven by two primary emotions, pleasure and pain. When our pain becomes unbearable we tend to become more receptive to change. As a professional coach, I routinely encourage clients to get pissed off because I know it’s the first meaningful step toward achieving a BREAKTHROUGH.  Lets look at 5 areas where we may be well served to start getting a tad “pissed off”.
1. Ourselves. When we become pissed at ourselves, it’s a sure sign we know we are capable of doing better. Think of an area(s) in your life where you know you are not producing the results you are capable of. What fears are holding you back? How would you feel if you faced and conquered your fear?  Rather than continue being pissed off, recognize that it’s time to start taking meaningful ACTION STEPS toward your objectives.
2. Our Circumstances. Being pissed off at our current reality is an excellent motivator for change. Once upon a time I slept in my car, (a car held together with bailing wire and duct tape) rolled change for food, bummed cigarettes from strangers and routinely blamed my family of origin for my predicament.  It wasn’t until I looked in the mirror and became pissed at the person staring back at me, that my process of change began.  Whenever we find ourselves uncomfortable in our current reality, it’s time to make a different decision. Our current reality won’t change until we change our relationship to it.
3. Our Associations. I believe the 5-7 people we spend the most time with have the greatest influence in our life. When we find ourselves getting pissed off for “wasting time” with a friend, co worker or family member, it’s a sign that we have outgrown the relationship and we are well served to move on. As WE expand and grow, our circle of influence will expand and grow. My circle of influence looks very different today than it did ten years ago, five years ago or even one year ago. Ask yourself this question… Which members of my current circle of influence are supporting my personal growth and which members are holding me back? Change your associations, change your life!
4. Our Employment. We all know people (maybe us) who constantly complain about their job. They are under paid, under appreciated and of course they are over worked.  If you ask them why they don’t look for another job you may hear excuses like, “the place couldn’t run without me” or “It’s better than not having a job at all” or my personal favorite, ” it’s to late to change careers now”.  NEWSFLASH…It’s only too late when we’re dead! If you find yourself getting pissed off because you know you’re capable of doing and being more, it’s a clear indication you’re not following your passion.
5. Our Health. Being pissed off at the way we look or feel can be the first step toward establishing a meaningful health and wellness strategy. For example, when we are carrying excess weight not only does it effect our energy level, it also effects our psychology. Over the last three years, I managed to gain 50 pounds. I went from 6’3 225 to 6’3 275. I routinely blamed my weight gain on the fact that I had contracted Valley Fever (Google it) and was unable to maintain my normal exercise routine. In reality, I had failed to modify my food and beverage intake to offset my lack of exercise. 4 weeks ago, I got pissed off.  I established a new food plan, set some aggressive exercise goals and went to work. As of this writing I am down 15 pounds. I intend to be 6’3 225 by May 1, 2016.
All of these are examples of how a “healthy pissed off” can move us toward our greater good. I don’t advocate being pissed off at every little thing that presents itself but rather to wisely choose what we focus on being pissed off about. Until next time….