The G.O.D. Formula For Creating Abundance In Life & Business…John Page Burton

Countless books have theorized what it takes to enjoy abundance in life and business. (I have written 2 of them) Clients routinely hire me because they desire to be happier and more effective in their personal and professional lives. For years, I have actively studied successful people to learn what “magical powers” they possessed allowing them to consistently achieve above average results. Recently, while engaged in my morning spiritual reading, it dawned on me that the “magical powers” of above average achievers can be broken down into one word, GOD. If we believe that we were uniquely created in the image and likeness of GOD then it makes sense to adopt the practical wisdom behind the G.O.D. formula for success in life and business. Let’s take a closer look….
Greatness. First, we must believe in our own greatness. If we don’t believe in ourselves, no one else will.
*In what areas of my life am I playing small?
*What voices or external forces are driving the key decisions I make?
*What would my life look like if I no longer held onto limiting beliefs?
Outward. We must be willing to look beyond ourselves in order to make a lasting impact on our world. GIVERS GAIN… When we help enough people get what they desire, the laws of reciprocity tend to return the FAVOR. 
*What act of random kindness can I deliver today?
*Who can I be a mentor to?
*Where can I offer my time, treasure and talent?
Destiny. We must hold an unwavering belief that success and happiness are our divine destiny. Success in our intimate relationships, parenting and business ventures are ours to experience once we truly believe we DESERVE it.
*What are my predominant thoughts? Are they based on scarcity or abundance? Remember, where our thoughts go, our energy flows.
*Have I created my life plan? Our life plan is instrumental in helping us design and live the abundant life we are destined to live. (a reputable coach can help you custom design yours)
*Am I focused on where I desire to go or am I spending my time and energy dwelling on the past? Our destiny isn’t realized by looking through the rear view mirror!
The words “In GOD We Trust” are inscribed on our monetary currency yet many of us have an uncomfortable relationship with money. Our programming causes us to feel guilty for desiring financial abundance.  Many of us faithfully show up for our weekly church service yet begin doubting ourselves first thing Monday morning. Rather than truly trusting GOD and stepping out in FAITH we choose to stay firmly planted within our comfort zone where we can play the game of life from our determined “safe place”.
If you’re the type of person who desires to take your game to the next level and beyond then I encourage you to incorporate the G.O.D. formula into your daily life. Answer the above questions honestly. This will serve as your new point A. Belief in ourselves, outward focus and the belief that success is our destiny will help us take our life and business to a whole new level!
As always, I look forward to your thoughts and feedback.

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