Why On Earth Would Anyone Hire A Coach? John Page Burton


Long before I became an executive coach, I employed one. Over the years, my coaches have had a profound impact on my personal and professional life! I would venture to say that most high achievers employ a coach. Some of my coaching clients include; CEO’s, athletes, entertainers, entrepreneurs, sales professionals, politicians and spiritual leaders. These peak performers all have one thing in common…they desire to become more effective people! As a coach, my job isn’t to bark out orders or hand down ultimatums, instead, my role is to guide my clients to their own conclusions. I do this by asking good questions, listening, and custom designing specific exercises that help my clients create BREAKTHROUGHS.

When hiring a coach I encourage you to do your homework. Ask questions, seek recommendations and request a free consultation (most reputable coaches offer them) to help you decide if the coach is qualified in the area where you are seeking guidance. A coach-client relationship is sacred and must be grounded in trust before any significant results can occur. You should be able to get a good feel for a prospective coach by the end of your initial consultation. In short, do your homework before you make this important INVESTMENT in yourself.

Let’s take a closer look at 5 reasons to hire a COACH

hange.  On the surface this sounds fairly obvious but in reality many of us remain stuck because we are uncomfortable with change. Our willingness to change is a key ingredient of true personal growth. A good coach will help us pinpoint specific areas where change is most needed. For example, changing our communication style may help us become better communicators within the context of our personal relationships or work environment. Our willingness to embrace change may open doors that were previously locked.

Objectives. A coach can help us establish and design strategies that will move us toward our stated objectives (goals). For example, starting a new business requires vision, planning, strategy and action.  As we evolve and grow, our objectives will undoubtedly change. A good coach can help guide us through periods of growth and transition.

Accountability. No matter how disciplined we believe we are, all of us need someone to hold us accountable. Unlike friends or family members, a coach rarely has an emotional investment in our results. A coach can remain objective and routinely see what others may overlook or ignore.  For example, many of us have started a diet and exercise program. We do well for a while and then lose our focus, causing us to feel like we have failed. A good coach can help us set realistic goals, design an effective strategy to accomplish them and hold us accountable along the way. People who work directly with a coach are 65% more likely to achieve the results they seek.

Choices.  A coach can help us make better, more empowering life and business choices. For example, many of us have gone through a series of “bad relationships” and “we don’t understand why this keeps happening to us”? A coach can help us examine our previous choices and highlight specific behaviors that may be contributing to the unfavorable results we are attracting. I.E. emotionally unavailable partners that remind us of emotionally unavailable parents. Different choices = different results.

Habits. As we journey down our life path, a coach can help us identify habits that don’t serve us. A good coach can help us establish new, empowering habits. For example, during the early part of my adult life, I routinely engaged in the habit of “self sabotage”.  Just as a relationship began to look promising, I would begin the slow, agonizing process of “blowing it up”. I had formed the unhealthy, unconscious habit of self sabotage. My coach was able to help me identify and work through the root cause of my abandonment issues which in turn enabled me to create a new, empowering habit (story) around my true self worth. Today, I am married and  enjoy an emotionally healthy relationship.

Now for some shameless self promotion…

If you would like to schedule a complimentary 30 minute coaching call with me, visit my website @  www.johnpageburton.com
Complete the sign up form on the home page. I will also send you a FREE copy of my bestselling book, Wisdom Through Failure, Guiding Principles For Life & Business.

Here’s to you!!!!


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