Are You Up For The Ultimate Million Dollar Challenge? John Page Burton

It seems that whenever I turn on my television I see a promo for some type of “million dollar challenge”.  We can compete to be the winner of a survival competition, run an amazing race or challenge others in a death defying obstacle course! The concept is simple…be the winner and you bank a million bucks! My hunch is that 99.9% of the population doesn’t have the time or skill set to compete in or win this type of contest.

I would like to offer my friends, clients and readers a different type of “million dollar challenge”. This challenge can be won by anyone who is willing to make the commitment, stay focused, take action and not quit. The payout for every winner is a “million dollars” in “Karmic Credit”.  For those not familiar with “Karmic Credit”, “Karmic Credit” is the currency of good will.  The law of “Karmic Credit” states that for every good deed, thought or action we engage in, the bank of the universe will make an equal or GREATER deposit back into our emotional bank account. Lets just say that “Karmic Credit” has an unbelievably high rate of return! On the surface this challenge doesn’t seem hard, however, looks can be quite deceiving. This is one of the hardest yet most rewarding challenges we will ever engage in.


1. Quit complaining. Our challenge is to go ONE FULL DAY without complaining.

2. Express Gratitude. Our challenge is to go ONE FULL DAY expressing gratitude for all our life experiences.

3. Be Outward Focused. Our challenge is to go ONE FULL DAY putting the needs of others above our own.


This is the hardest challenge out there! If you don’t believe me, take the challenge yourself.  I have been engaged in this challenge for quite some time and have yet to master one full day. With that being said, I am earning (“Karmic Credit”) as I’m learning and truly believe that I am becoming a better person in the process.  My road to the “million dollar” prize is being paved one “Karmic Credit” at a time. I encourage everyone to join me in this challenge and together we can’t help but make the world a more positive, forgiving, place.

As Always, I look forward to your thoughts and feedback.


4 thoughts on “Are You Up For The Ultimate Million Dollar Challenge? John Page Burton

  1. As always you have hit the nail on the head, catchy title too. Not sure I’ll ever “arrive”, but thanks and yes I accept the challenge!


  2. John, Excellent as always! Simple example of outward focus – pick up the phone and call someone. How often do they say I was thinking of you recently or you called at the right time to assist with or be supportive of some critical issue in their life. We are all intertwined…


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