10 Reasons Why Moms ROCK In Business…John Page Burton

During a recent conversation with a female client who manages to effectively balance the roles of being the primary care giver to three small children with also being the CEO of a progressive start up company, it dawned on me why “moms” tend to make such outstanding business leaders. The skills that are required of motherhood are basically the same skills that are required of a successful business person. Below are 10 examples of the traits and skills inherent to both “moms” and business leaders.

1. Organizational skills. “Moms” are highly proficient at multitasking. They know where things stand and how to maximize both time and material resources. They are masters of logistics who understand that the devil is often found in the details. They routinely inspect what they expect.

2. Problem solvers. “Moms” rarely sweat the small stuff! They know where to focus their energy and when to release control. When a problem or obstacle arises, they transition into solution mode and stay there until they achieve a favorable outcome.

3. Master negotiators. “Moms” occupy a permanent seat at the bargaining table. They must possess the ability to impartially consider all evidence, weigh each argument and often render their decisions in the face of extreme opposition. They make decisions that are congruent with their core beliefs and values.

4. Financial management. “Moms” are masterful at establishing and living within a budget. They understand the value of a dollar and how to make it stretch. They are value oriented and consciously seek out the highest return for their investment. They will plan for a “rainy day” and they understand the fundamental principles of income to debt ratio.

5.Resource management. “Moms” can make 3 peanut butter sandwiches using 2 tablespoons of peanut butter and convince their kids that bread is what makes the sandwich taste so good. They are masterful at recycling clothes, shoes, books, bicycles and just about anything else that can serve a secondary purpose and still keep them within or under their budget.

6. They are true servant leaders. Need I say more. The early stages of motherhood could be described as a thankless job in which the compensation is low and the frustration is high. Motherhood requires an extreme outward focus.

7.Patience. “This to shall pass” becomes a daily mantra. “Moms” learn that all storm clouds eventually blow over and are replaced by blue sky and rainbows. They recognize that maintaining patience is critical to their sanity. They learn to focus their energy on what they are able to control in their present moment rather than dwelling on the past or living in the future.

8. Flexibility. “Moms” recognize that life happens when they are making other plans. They instinctively understand the value of contingency plans and must be extremely quick on their feet. They are acutely aware when they are trying to put a square peg in a round hole and will usually be among the first to acknowledge that NOW would be a good time to head in a different direction.

9. Compassionate understanding. Life holds a profound truth…STUFF HAPPENS! Feelings get hurt, ego’s are bruised, fears surface, anger arises, jealousy brews and through it all a “mom” must remain objective and compassionate with those in her charge. Compassion is a guiding light to those who are lost.

10. Sense of humor. “Moms” know the secret to life…don’t take yourself or those around you to seriously. Maintaining a sense of humor is the healthiest way to navigate through trying times. A sense of humor helps us maintain perspective and also serves as a reminder that we should not go through life treating everything as either do or die. A smile can often melt even the hardest heart.

In short, “moms” are natural family leaders who also make outstanding
business leaders!


DRANO, The Key To Abundant Living…John Page Burton

Anytime we have a clog in our emotional drain, we effectively block the flow of abundance. Living an abundant life is a function of our emotional intelligence. Whenever a drain is clogged, a small amount of water is released into the pipe, the remainder forms a dirty pool. Eventually the pool of dirty water drains, leaving behind a dark, sticky scum. Using this metaphor, how many of us have severely clogged emotional drains? Our clogs show up in the form of toxic family members, friends, employers, jobs and significant others.  Before we know it, our emotional drain has become so clogged that little if anything gets released, leaving us surrounded by a thick layer of scum.


Drama. “Not my monkeys, not my circus”! Drama shows up in many different forms and can be a significant “drain clogger”. Our challenge is to differentiate between situations that require legitimate concern and compassion from those that are no more than a ploy to gain control or attention. Gossip is a good example of a “drain clogger”. The gossipers underlying motivation is to discredit and harm.  Be mindful of areas in your life where drama routinely shows up.

Relationships. Our personal, professional and most intimate relationships can serve up a wealth of drain clogging debris. How do we react when our boss repeatedly takes advantage of our time? We find out that our spouse has been having an affair with our “best friend”? Our kids quit speaking to us? Human relationships provide us with a plethora of opportunities for some serious personal growth.

Abuse. Emotional and physical abuse can be some of the hardest clogs to get unstuck. Overtime, they form a tight, seemingly impenetrable ball of gunk. When abuse takes place do we find ourselves justifying someones bad behavior or do we step up and say enough is enough?

Neediness. Our need to be needed can create significant clogs. Whenever we go through periods where our self esteem takes a hit it’s natural to overcompensate in other areas. For most of us, our childhood references come into play. Are we the peacemaker? Are we always the one reaching out to friends and family? Are we the person who everyone knows can’t say NO? Do we do everything for our kids? If we are not careful our drains become so clogged that we become angry givers.

Obsessiveness. Our obsession with past events or future concerns and worries can block the flow of energy needed to maximize our present moments. Do we harbor resentment toward people who harmed us years ago? Do we find ourselves regretting decisions we have made? Do we struggle with anger, guilt, envy or jealousy? Do we worry about the future and what it may hold?

DRANO….Time to clear our pipes!!!

Decisions. One of the best ways to keep our emotional drains debris free is by making informed decisions. When we take the time to think things through, we are prone to make fewer emotional decisions. Going along to get along is not an option.

Responsibility. Life runs more smoothly when we take personal responsibility for ALL of our actions and decisions. By claiming bottom line ownership, we tend to take our time and execute more effectively. Blaming others is never an option.

Action. The fastest way to prevent or remove a clog is by taking MASSIVE ACTION. When we experience a clogged drain most of us will run to the store and buy a jug of Drano. We pour it down the drain and WALLAH…everything begins to flow. In the world of emotional clogging, ACTION is our Drano. Taking ACTION moves us toward solutions.

Neutrality. Drama desires us to choose a side. Choosing our battles wisely can prevent the clogs of misunderstanding, resentment and mistrust. Remaining neutral allows us to be an observer rather than an active participant in drama.

Opportunity. Actively seeking and embracing new opportunities keeps us focused on the present moment. When we concentrate on what is in front of us we naturally distance ourselves from the past. We problem solve from our past, we create in the present.
We should always be looking for opportunities to learn and grow.

If your like most of us it’s probably time to unclog a few drains. As they say…”clean pipes = happier life”.

I look forward to your thoughts and feedback.


The Richest Man In The Graveyard…John Page Burton

To quote my long time mentor Tony Robbins, “our goal is NOT to become the richest man in the graveyard“.  I have been blessed with an amazing life and by the grace of God I currently want for nothing. I realize that my life could change in an instant and this serves as a grounding principle for how I treat and relate to others.  Recently, I engaged in a conversation with a friend of mine who believes that my wife and I “may be accumulating too much stuff”.  His underlying message is that we should feel a profound sense of guilt for earning an exceptional income and enjoying nice things. In reality, my wife and I have chosen to live a modest yet active lifestyle while we are still alive and able to enjoy it. I encourage everyone to do the same. We designed a plan to earn our living from the comfort of home which has allowed us to split our time between Tucson and the White Mountains of northeastern Arizona. In short, we work hard and we play hard! I believe that as long as we are socially responsible with our earnings we shouldn’t feel guilty about creating and maintaining an enjoyable lifestyle and neither should anyone else! Our goal is not to become the richest person in the graveyard.


*He who dies with the most toys is still dead. Don’t identify with “stuff”. We are not our things! In our final days it will be people and memories that will escort us into the afterlife.

*Personal relationships and experiences far outweigh stuff. A quality conversation is just as important as a quality pair of shoes. Long after my mountain bike wears out, memories of the people I rode with will live on.

*Service & outward focus make the world a much better place. GIVERS GAIN.  A life of service is a life well lived. Our willingness to give back to society speaks more about our character than our bank account ever will.

*Rewarding our efforts. When we reach our goals, it’s important to do something nice for ourselves. NEVER allow anyone to make you feel guilty for achieving success.

*Abundance. There is more than enough of everything for everyone. Share the blessing by clearing the clutter. If you are not using something, there is someone somewhere that will. Pay it forward.

*Give credit where credit is due.
No one attains success without the help and encouragement of a host of other people. Give credit where it is due. Don’t brag or gloat. First and foremost give credit to our creator.

*Don’t judge others based on material possessions. Some really great people live in large, well furnished homes and other really great people live in tents in 3rd world countries. Possessions don’t make a person, character does.

Remember, the secret to living is giving.


Do You Suffer From GIGS? John Page Burton

I love getting older! I never thought I would say this, but it’s true. One of the benefits of getting older is that we tend to view everything from a more mature perspective. “We have been there and done that” which allows us to react to life events in a calmer manner. I have adopted the mantra, “this to shall pass” and I know that getting worked up will only rob me of the energy I need to ride out a storm.

The majority of my coaching clients hire me because they feel “stuck” in a specific area of their life. Over the years, I have been able to identify certain patterns of behavior that keep the majority of us from experiencing a much deeper quality of life.  Most of the time I am able to identify the cause of my clients discomfort as being what I refer to as GIGS. (Grass Is Greener Syndrome) More than likely a person will not die as a direct result of GIGS, but if left untreated it can cause a person a significant amount of anxiety and discomfort. During my initial client consultation, it is relatively easy to spot the warning signs of GIGS. I have taken the liberty to compile a list of the most common traits found in a person who suffers from GIGS. These traits have proven to be very reliable for the the early detection and subsequent treatment of GIGS. Here is the list of traits common to a person who suffers from GIGS.

*Impatience. Things are not happening fast enough for them.

*They are intolerant of others.

*They have an insatiable need for instant gratification.

*They crave constant recognition. They must be acknowledged for everything they do or they feel undervalued.

*They have extremely rigid expectations. Everything and everyone must conform to these expectations or they become very uncomfortable.

*They rely heavily on routines. Spontaneity is very challenging for them.

*They take people for granted.

*They lack a true sense of gratitude.

*They desire to fix others rather than look at themselves.

*I will just go/be somewhere else is their predominant mindset. They are willing to “bolt” if things don’t work out exactly as they envision them. This will include work, relationships, friendships, marriage and geographical locations.

Once we recognize the traits associated with GIGS, we are able to make a course correction and get “unstuck”.

Don’t let GIGS take away from the quality of your life! YOU deserve the best life has to offer. REMEMBER…The grass is not greener on the other side of the fence, it’s greener where you water it!

As always I welcome your thoughts and comments.


Do You Have A WINNERS Mindset? Take This Test…John Page Burton

Contrary to what actor Charlie Sheen may want us to believe, none of us are going to win all of the time, it’s just not possible. With that being said, there are certainly individuals and organizations who seem to win on a pretty consistent basis. Why is it that some people routinely enjoy success in their business endeavors, experience gratifying relationships with intimate partners and friends yet countless others seem to struggle just to stay ahead of the curve? I believe the answer can be found by taking a closer look at the mindset of a consistent WINNER.


Will. Winners are determined, purposeful and love to face and breakthrough challenges. They embody the saying “when the going gets tough, the tough get going”. Winners possess an overwhelming desire to achieve their stated objectives, a desire that serves to extinguish self doubt and fear.

Introspective. Winners know that the truth comes from within. They trust their instincts and are guided by a strong inner compass.  They are masterful at knowing when it’s time for a “check up from the neck up”.

Navigators. Winners are adept at navigating around obstacles. Rather than dwell on a problem, a winner will acknowledge it, examine the cause and then commit their energy to finding a solution.

Negotiators. Winners find common ground and build alliances. They seek to establish Win-Win scenarios. They don’t base their world view around a winner-loser model.

Energy. Winners make their health a priority. They recognize the role vitality plays in our overall happiness and well being. They strive to get better, faster and stronger in every area of their life.

Resilient. Winners bounce back from setbacks and failure. As stated earlier, we are not going to win all of the time, however, a winner will learn from a setback and come back into the game armed with additional experience and wisdom.


Honestly answer YES or NO…..

*I am afraid of failure or “looking bad”.

*The opinions of others tend to carry more weight than my own opinion.

*I don’t like problems and try to avoid any situation where they could arise.

*I believe that in every negotiation someone must win and someone must lose.

*I am a patient person.

*I don’t like to “rock the boat”.

*I exercise 5 days per week.

*I eat a healthy, balanced diet.

*I like how I look.

*I seek to find the lesson in my setbacks and failure.

*I take full responsibility for my life, I never blame others.

*I believe I deserve MASSIVE success.

*I have a healthy relationship with money.

By HONESTLY answering these questions you will have a better idea of where your habits and emotions are serving your greater good or where they may be keeping you from playing a bigger game of life. We can instantly change our lives by simply making a different decision and then creating the habits and taking the action steps necessary to reach our goals.

Here’s to your success!winning___charlie_sheen_by_nikolizaseden-d4vplz7