5 Truths Of Personal Power…John Page Burton

Our influence over others, the source of which resides in all of us, carries far more weight than the title we hold or the credentials we display. Today, more than ever, our ability to leverage our Personal Power will be a determining factor as to how far and how fast we are able to climb the ladder of success. Effective leaders understand Personal Power and most importantly how to leverage it.

5 Simple Truths Of Personal Power…

1. Our Personal Power is determined by our followers, not by us. Personal Power is developed over time and is earned, not taken.

2. Our Personal Power is born from action. Our actions will always speak louder than our title or directives. The Peter Principle, a well known business theory assumes “the cream will rise until it sours”. Reactive leaders give away their Personal Power and are eventually replaced. Aware, emotionally intelligent leaders understand the vital role their example plays in gaining and maintaining a following.

3. Our Personal Power is enhanced by our ability to adapt, change and grow. Today’s technology driven world is changing rapidly and our ability to adapt and change with it is critical to our success. Those who resist change or rely on someone else to “figure things out” are greatly diminishing their Personal Power. The speed of the leader is the speed of the group. Creating new, empowering habits is the cornerstone of Personal Power.

4. Our Personal Power is influenced by the quality of the questions we ask ourselves and others. For example, have you ever asked the question “why does this (bad thing) always happen to me”?  Guess what you will draw into your life? That’s right…more of the same. A person who exhibits true Personal Power is inclined to ask the question “what can I learn from this experience”? Same experience, different question. Rather than ask an employee (or our children) “why can’t you get this right” try asking “what can I do to help you solve this problem”? Which approach showcases our Personal Power and is likely to gain a new follower?

5. Our Personal Power is reflected in our verbal and non verbal communication. Our physiology speaks very loudly as it relates to our psychology. In other words, how we feel about ourselves is reflected in our posture and mannerisms. Do we stand tall and speak confidently or do we slump our shoulders and wait for permission to be bold?  How we speak about others when they’re not present says a great deal about our self esteem. For example, I work with a client who is in a senior management position. He offhandedly refers to his co-workers and staff as “wanna bees” and “self appointed” leaders. Is this the type of leader who is a true team builder or is he a self serving leader who will eventually fall victim to the “Peter Principle”? This is what is meant when someone says “there is just something about him that rubs me the wrong way”. Most of us are pretty good at picking up on disingenuous energy.

Remember, Personal Power is energy! It is infectious, inspiring and most importantly, it is authentic. Here’s to tapping into your Personal Power!power


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