5 Tips for Becoming The “Guru” We Are Seeking…John Page Burton

We live in a society where many of us are searching for a “guru”, someone who can provide us with the proverbial “magic bullet”. We desire our “guru” to readily give us the answers we seek as we travel down our chosen path. Recently, I was introduced by a client as their “guru”. I found myself feeling very uncomfortable with this designation. For the record, I am a peak performance strategist who is on the same journey as everyone else. I am not worried about becoming so enlightened that I one day ascend into the clouds, however, I am a bit concerned with the explaining I may have to do should “judgement day” become my reality. I appreciate the confidence my client has placed in me, however, the “guru” thing has got to go! FYI…WE ALREADY HAVE THE ANSWERS TO MOST OF OUR QUESTIONS.

Some of the words I found when I looked up the definition of “guru” included, master, teacher and guide. As a coach my job is to GUIDE my clients to their own conclusions. In my workshops and seminars I TEACH an array of strategies designed to help my students successfully navigate through life and business. Every time a client or student experiences a breakthrough I have the privilege to also learn a great deal about myself through their process of transformation . Again, MASTERY is not my current reality but certainly something I will continue to strive for.

5 Tips for becoming the “guru” you are seeking…

*TRUST YOUR INTUITION. We ALL have the gift of intuition. It isn’t just available to a select few. All of us have experienced a “gut feeling” telling us something didn’t feel right. Most of us at one time or another have gone forward anyway and later beat ourselves up for not “trusting our gut”. Our “gut feeling” is our intuitive voice. Our Ego is our counter intuitive voice. Our job is to follow our intuitive voice, and quickly discount our Ego voice. “Guru tip”…We ALL have the gift of intuition, USE IT!

*RELEASE THE PAST. Many of my clients hire me to help them design a strategy for making peace with and releasing their past. Everything we have experienced and overcome has been hand delivered to us by God. Why did God provide us with these opportunities? So we can learn, grow and be of greater benefit to others. I encourage my clients to look at events from the past as God scheduled opportunities. When we carry around the past it weighs us down in the present. If we saw someone drowning, most of us would strip off the majority of our clothing before jumping into the water. Why would we instinctively do this? Because we know the extra weight of our clothing will drag us down at a time when we need maximum energy. When we release the past we have more energy to create in the PRESENT. “Guru tip”…Embrace and live in the present moment. The present moment is where the magic happens!

*GET UNCOMFORTABLE. The more uncomfortable we get the more comfortable we will become. What this means is that when we change the way we look at things the things we look at change. Our breakthroughs occur in moments of great discomfort. Discomfort forces us to seek solutions and finding a solution serves to validate the trust we have placed in ourselves. When we stay in our comfort zone we reinforce our belief that we are “not enough”. Once we become comfortable being uncomfortable we have truly tapped into our personal power. “Guru tip”…Get uncomfortable and seek solutions.

*GET OVER YOURSELF. Humility is endearing. There is a big difference between humbly sharing our accomplishments and shameless self promotion. For example, I have a good friend whose son just graduated at the top of his class at a well known university. As she shared his monumental accomplishment, she repeatedly gave credit to all of the people “who had guided him along the way”. I had to remind her that she had also played a significant role in his accomplishment. Conversely, I was recently subjected to a 10 minute “rant” from a neighbor who had just found out that his son had been offered an athletic scholarship to a division I college football program. My neighbor went on and on about the sacrifices he had made for “his boy” and how “other parents were not as dedicated as he had been” blah, blah, blah. “His boy” stood next to him with his eyes diverted to the ground, clearly embarrassed by his dad’s commentary. I congratulated “his boy” for his accomplishment and the young man said “thank you sir”. “Guru tip”…Humility is always within our control.

*LIVE AUTHENTICALLY. First, clearly establish your morals, values, beliefs and personal code of conduct and then strive to live by them in an impeccable manner. These will more than likely change as we mature and grow. For example, when I was in my thirties my personal code of conduct dictated that I could faithfully attend church while engaging in an extra marital affair. My values and beliefs at the time allowed me to justify my bad behavior. I was not living authentically. Today, my values, beliefs and personal code of conduct would not allow for this type of behavior. Living authentically means that our actions are in concert with our thoughts and spoken words. “Guru tip”…BE YOU! LIVE TRUE TO YOUR VALUES, BELIEFS AND PERSONAL CODE OF CONDUCT.

We ALL have the ability to tap into and become the “guru” we are seeking. My hope is that these tips will help you become your own “guru”.

I look forward to your thoughts and feedback.

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