Stop The Universe, I Want To Hop Off! John Page Burton

Recently, during a conversation centered around life choices and outcomes, my friend Resa shared a very profound truth…”you can’t stop the universe”. In essence she was saying that when we send our thought energy out into the universe a process begins whereby the right people, circumstances, opportunities and challenges line up to compliment our request. This process is often referred to as manifestation. “Stop the universe, I want to hop off” has been my “plea” on the occasions in my life when things seemed to be spinning out of control. In reality we cant “stop the universe”, it is indifferent. The universe simply does it’s best to respond to our “commands” and has no emotional attachment to the outcome. Our challenge is to become more mindful of the words, thoughts, intentions and commands we communicate and use this knowledge to create the life we truly desire.

Below are 4 considerations for communicating with the universe. It is important to remember that we WILL NOT always get what we desire because GOD may have a bigger, more important plan for our lives.

*BE CLEAR. First, we must know what it is we desire. When we are vague or speak in broad generalities we are sending the universe a message that we really have no clue what we want. The universe has no other option than to deliver accordingly. Clarity of desire or purpose is the cornerstone of the manifestation process. Get clear, BE SPECIFIC!

*BE CONSISTENT. Once we have determined what it is we desire, we must be consistent and deliberate in communicating our intentions. Consistent affirmations followed by consistent ACTION reiterates to the universe that we are serious about attaining what we desire.

*BE CONGRUENT. Our ACTIONS must be congruent with our words. Many of us say one thing but our actions reflect an entirely different message. For example, I may say that I desire to attract a spiritually grounded life partner yet I spend the majority of my non working hours at the local sports bar. There is a significant chasm between what I say I desire and the actions I am taking to attract it. We must be mindful of any mixed messages we are sending.

*BE CAREFUL. Once we declare our intentions, the EGO will begin doing everything it can to distract us. The chatter will begin… “Eating less calories is hard, running isn’t good for my shins, being too skinny isn’t healthy”, blah, blah, blah. If we want to receive what we desire we must recognize when the Ego is trying to derail us. I have found that when I desire something badly enough and commit to taking massive action the universe eventually delivers it, albeit not always in the manner I envisioned. Through a great deal of trial and error I have learned to be careful and practice patience.

I would love to hear your stories of manifestation! Until next time, be great!

2 thoughts on “Stop The Universe, I Want To Hop Off! John Page Burton

  1. I agree John! I’d add “our conversations” to the Be Careful section. What we say in our everyday conversations can derail what we want to come to pass if our words don’t line up with that desire. Thanks for sharing your Wisdom!


  2. Excellent point. I know that the foundation of your work involves teaching people to speak words of faith over their circumstances and your book A Seed of Hope continues to be a blessing to those who are struggling with infertility. Thanks again for your insights.


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