Wisdom Through Failure/Special Offer/John Page Burton


As many of you know I recently published Wisdom Through Failure, Guiding Principles for Life & Business. I have been quite humbled by the feedback I have received from all of the amazing people who have purchased a copy of this book. Many of you have written to me or spoken with me and shared your own personal story of how this book has helped you gain clarity and experience breakthroughs in areas of your life where you previously felt like a failure. I have had several parents order additional copies of Wisdom Through Failure for their children, nieces and nephews. A mother of three recently wrote me a note saying, “I don’t want to ever see another teenage suicide that can be traced back to a fear of failure. Thank you for teaching us that failure isn’t a bad thing”. I agree that this is a very real concern for many young adults living in today’s highly competitive world. I encourage parents to show their children some grace as they evolve into the amazing people they will become. Feel free to show yourself some grace as well, failure is necessary for our growth!


If you have not ordered your copy of Wisdom Through Failure (or if you would like to order an additional copy) I have created a special offer just for you. Everyone who places an order this week will receive a complimentary, 30 minute private coaching call with me. (Life or Business) I will contact you within 24 hours of receiving your order to schedule your complimentary private coaching call. *Offer expires on Friday, July 25th, 2014. To learn more about my coaching practice and to order a copy of Wisdom Through Failure please visit http://www.johnpageburton.com

I look forward to visiting with you and THANK YOU in advance for supporting my message.


John Page Burton


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