3 Considerations for Creating an Authentic Life…John Page Burton

Do you find yourself routinely questioning what you “should” be doing with your life? Do you find yourself comparing your success to the “perceived” success of others? Have you ever felt like a complete failure? Is your life heavily influenced by the opinions of family and friends? Have you ever questioned whether you deserved happiness and success? If you’re like the vast majority of us, the answer to these questions is a resounding YES! ALL of us have had moments of self doubt and we have ALL been exposed to the “wisdom”of those who seem to always know what’s best for us. We live in an image driven society where a great deal of our perspective is shaped by perception. Here’s a thought…If we are shaping our perspective (current beliefs) on perception (what we assume to be true) it stands to reason we could be wrong on a fairly regular basis. Assumptions are not a true indicator of our actual reality. With this being said, ALL of us would be well served to tap into and trust our inner voice. I refer to my inner voice as my “authentic self”.

3 considerations for creating an authentic life…

*GET TO REALLY KNOW THY SELF. When we really don’t know who we are or what we stand for we can be easily influenced. When we do know who we are and what we stand for we are bold. Knowing ourselves means that we acknowledge our strengths and weakness and we consciously choose to focus our energy on building upon our strengths. “Going along to get along” is never an option because we are firmly rooted in our beliefs. When we really know ourselves we can remain open to different perspectives because we recognize them as a pathway to knowledge and growth, however, we will only adopt a new perspective if it is in alignment with our core beliefs. Really knowing ourselves keeps us grounded in authenticity.

*ALIGNMENT. When our car is out of alignment most of us will grip the steering wheel tightly because we know if we let go the car will drift off center. When our spine is out of alignment we tend to over compensate our movement. Over time, this overcompensation can cause other health related challenges. Equally important is our physical and emotional alignment. What people and groups do we align ourselves with? What are their attitudes and beliefs? What does our health profile look like? Are we making time for exercise and consuming the proper nutrition? When our health is not in alignment we lack energy and other areas of our life begin to suffer. HEALTH IS ENERGY! Are our actions in alignment with our intentions? Are we moving toward what we desire or are we avoiding personal growth? Living authentically means we are continuing our quest for balance.

*GET COMFORTABLE BEING UNCOMFORTABLE. All of us have experienced fear. Fear means that we are alive. I have a friend who is a daredevil. She lives for the next adrenaline rush and will attempt just about any type of stunt that meets her “need for speed”. Ironically she is deathly afraid of spiders. This fear causes her to have her home fumigated once a month just in case a spider may have survived the last fumigation. Trust me, the word is out in the spider community to steer clear of her house! We must learn to embrace our fear and move forward. Once we confront a specific fear and experience a breakthrough, that fear will never hold us hostage again. The sooner we face our fear, the sooner we can be free. My friend would be well served to visit The Arizona- Sonora Desert Museum and learn how vital spiders are to our ecosystem. Because many of us fear “hurting someones feelings” we hold back from speaking our truth. Speaking our truth may at first be uncomfortable but the more we do it the more comfortable it becomes. Truth by it’s very nature is authentic.

Realizing our authentic self is a life long process. Every challenging life experience presents us with an opportunity to learn and grow. Every choice we make comes with an important life lesson. Sometimes we pass the lesson, sometimes we fail miserably. No matter what life presents us with, our goal is to remain grounded in our core beliefs and values. This is what it means to live an authentic life.

As always, I look forward to your thoughts and feedback.

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