SEEK & You Shall Find…John Page Burton

As a child, I enjoyed playing the game of hide and seek and I would not stop until I found everyone! Most of my friends got bored and gave up, not me. As an adult, I continue to believe that whatever we seek for long enough we will eventually find. Sometimes we may even find more than we bargained for. I know that my theory has proven true in my work life as well as my most intimate relationships. Everyone’s search is different. Many seek fame and fortune, others seek to serve. Some seek advanced knowledge, others seek opportunities to share what they have learned. Some seek travel and adventure, others stability and tranquility. The most important thing is that we remain true to our journey. Here are several guiding principles that can serve us along the way….

*Follow your heart. Do what makes YOU happy. Most of the “miserable” people I know tend to run their lives based on what they believe other people expect them to do or be. For example, I have a friend who is a dentist. He routinely complains about how much he hates his job. I recently asked him why he chose to be a dentist? His answer illustrates my point. “I come from a family of dentists and that is what my dad expected me to do, it’s to late to turn back now”. Our goal (regardless of our age or the time we have invested in something) should be to seek out careers, people and experiences that truly make us happy. Anyone who try’s to tell you that following your heart is impractical or selfish is more than likely living an unfulfilled life.

*Trust your intuition. I believe that intuition is the instructive voice of our creator. Whenever I follow my intuition I am right 90% of the time. When I fight my intuition I almost always garner less than favorable results. I believe we are created in the image and likeness of God and that God wants what’s best for us. From where I stand, it makes perfect sense to follow his voice. Again, trusting my intuition has proven fruitful 90% of the time. As they say in baseball…it’s hard to argue with the numbers!

*Remain committed to your core beliefs and values. In short, our core beliefs and values are principles we stand for. For example, I believe that we should treat all people with respect and dignity. I carry this belief into my interactions with others. Other common core beliefs include; honesty, kindness, accountability, forgiveness and philanthropy. We hold ourselves and others accountable to what we stand for. Wavering or making exceptions to our core beliefs will impede our search. Standing firm in our convictions will help us find what we are truly seeking.

*Run YOUR race. Each of us was uniquely created. We were born into a custom designed set of circumstances, conditions, strengths and limitations, all unique to us. When we spend our time comparing our progress, success or perceived failure to someone else we are wasting valuable emotional energy. Our assignment is to run our race and most importantly to cross the finish line!

*Be willing to make course corrections. Sometimes life happens when we are making other plans. Many of us have a death grip on things looking a certain way. We must be willing to let go when things change form. Our career may no longer serve us, our marriage partner may no longer choose to honor our vows, a friend may betray us, we may face a significant health challenge or we may have a difference of opinion with a family member. When things change form we must be open to making the appropriate course corrections and give ourselves permission to continue toward what we are truly seeking.

As an adult, the game of hide and seek has changed form. I no longer hide but I continue to seek and have found that the game keeps getting better and better!

As always, I look forward to your thoughts and feedback.


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