5 Benefits of Risk Taking…John Page Burton

We have all heard the saying, “the greater the risk, the greater the reward”. I believe that with every significant risk there indeed lies the POTENTIAL for a greater reward. It is human nature to take “safe risks”. A willingness to take greater risks is often what separates a person who lives a rich, rewarding life from a person who resides within their comfort zone. For many, the word risk represents a chance to achieve fame, fortune and establish a significant legacy. For others the thought of taking a risk causes an uneasy feeling due to a deep seeded fear of failure. Remember, RISK is a word, we assign the meaning to it. Below are 5 benefits that are born from taking risks.

1. Taking risks builds and strengthens emotional muscles. Each time we take a risk and subsequently experience success, we gain more confidence. This new found confidence gives us permission to take more risks which over time creates the conscious habit of risk taking. Every time we take a risk we are building a new layer of emotional muscle.

2. Forces us to confront and breakthrough our fear. FEAR is the #1 reason why people avoid risk. Risk represents the potential for failure and failure is the Ego’s chief weapon in the battle to quash our self esteem. Every time we take a risk we have the opportunity to confront our fear and when we succeed we enjoy a significant psychological breakthrough. Our FEAR no longer controls us.

3. Enhances our leadership ability. I have never read the biography of a successful leader who attributed their success to their uncanny ability to play it safe. Leaders are calculated risk takers who cultivate a following due to their bold spirit, vision and ability to routinely do what others won’t. Our natural tendency is to follow a risk taker.

4. Connects us with our authentic self. Our authentic nature is to play a big game of life. When we take risks, we are sending a clear message to the universe that we are honoring the talents we have been given and that we are putting our full trust in the process. This is commonly referred to as having faith. Our authentic nature is not to be meek and mild but to be brave and bold.

5. Quality lifestyle. Risk takers tend to live above average lives. They live their lives on their terms and usually have few regrets. Risk takers tend to enjoy above average incomes and experience the sense of freedom that comes with financial security. Risk takers generally possess above average emotional IQ’s and are very comfortable in their own skin.

It is difficult to feel satisfied when we know that we have given less than our best. For most of us, staying in our comfort zone is actually quite uncomfortable. We all have dreams, ambitions and desires and to achieve them we must be willing to take risks.

As always, I look forward to your thoughts and feedback.

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