The Law of Motion, 3 Steps To A More Gratifying Life…John Page Burton

Most of us are familiar with the “laws of attraction” which have received widespread acclaim through books such as “The Secret”. The laws of attraction teach us that what we think about and focus our energy on may very well come to pass. This process is often referred to as manifestation. I am routinely amazed by the power of manifestation/visualization and the many opportunities and experiences it has brought into in my life. I also know that just visualizing on something and “hoping” that it will come to pass is not enough. We must be willing to apply the “law of motion”. The “law of motion” say’s that if we truly desire to achieve something of value then we must be willing to take massive action. In other words we must get moving!!! Newton’s first law of motion states that “an object at rest stays at rest and an object in motion stays in motion”. It is human tendency to resist change. This keeps many of us from going after what it is we desire. This lack of movement is called inertia. Inertia is the killer of dreams!

Overcoming inertia, 3 steps to a more gratifying life.

1. Start something. Thinking about something is not motion, taking the first step toward our objective is the only way we can get the “action process” started. When we find ourselves resisting something it is a clear sign that we need to address it. What is something that you have desired to do but continue to resist? How might your life be different if you applied the “law of motion” to this desire? Today is an excellent day to get started.

2. Keep moving. We will all face challenges and it is imperative that we move through them. Each time we face and conquer a new challenge we build another muscle of confidence. It is important that we learn to embrace our challenges and turn them into a game. What we fear will continue to grow as long as we feed it. What is a challenge that you continue to avoid? How might your life be different if you faced and moved through your fear? Who can you enlist to help you and hold you accountable as you face and break through this challenge?

3. Don’t quit. When the going gets tough (and it will) the easiest thing to do is quit. The Ego relishes our decision to quit and it will gladly supply us with a litany of justifications, excuses and blame that temporarily (and falsely) supports our fear of failure. When we come to this cross road it is imperative that we walk in faith and remember the spiritual reminder…”if God brings us to it, he will bring us through it”. This awareness gives us permission to face our fear and keep MOVING forward. The CHOICE to quit is entirely up to us.

Life is motion. To move is to be alive! When we are moving, we are growing. Stagnation leads to despair, frustration, anxiety and anger. We were not created to sit, we were created to fly. Today is a great day to spread our wings and move toward an exciting future.

As always, I look forward to your thoughts.

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