Being Male Doesn’t Make Us Men…John Page Burton

Like millions of other American’s, I recently watched the “low lights” of Miley Cyrus gyrating across the stage, her tongue wagging provocatively, grinding her backside into the front side of Robin Thick, all while belting out the lyrics to the questionable hit “Blurred Lines”. To be quite honest, I was more disturbed by Robin’s behavior than by the behavior of Miley Cyrus. I am well versed in First Amendment Law and understand that Robin has the constitutional right to produce lyrics and music which can then be legally distributed and sold to anyone willing to pay for this type of “entertainment”. I also understand that neither Robin, his manager or his record label could care less what my thoughts are. With that being said, I will exercise my own constitutional right to share my thoughts with my “dude brethren” and hope that together we can rise to the challenge of grooming the next generation of family leaders.


I believe that the vast majority of American men, myself included, must do a better job of setting a healthier example for the next generation of family leaders. When did it become acceptable for a male comedian to refer to a female political candidate by using the “C” word on national television? As stated earlier, I am grateful to live in a country in which people are allowed to expose themselves to this type of abuse in order to ensure our democratic process and MY FREEDOM. With this being said, this particular comedians behavior is not only offensive but is a very poor reflection on his character. I can’t help but believe that he is also using his celebrity status as a platform to validate his obvious belief that it is perfectly acceptable for men to treat women in such disrespectful manner. What kind of example is being set by men (or anyone else) who show up at protests to spit and hurl insults at soldiers returning home from a war? Our soldiers have the intestinal fortitude to put their lives on the line for our FREEDOM and should always be treated with the respect and gratitude they have EARNED, irregardless of how we feel politically. Our next generation of family leaders are subjected to news accounts of male politicians texting photos of their body parts to women half their age, a presidential candidate cheating on his terminally ill wife or an attorney general romping with hookers using tax payer dollars. The world wide web provides our next generation of family leaders with a 24/7 window in which they observe behavior, develop beliefs and ultimately begin incorporating these beliefs into their own lives. The only way that men can counteract these bad examples of behavior is by providing the next generation with a more acceptable model of behavior. What type of people do we desire our next generation of family leaders to be? Men, we have the opportunity to shape the beliefs of the next generation and it is NOW o’CLOCK!  Men, we need to be teaching our children the principles and values of integrity and hard work instead of supporting men who choose to spend their time camped out in a city park, leveling charges of corporate greed and hurling insults at those who choose to engage in their right to build the American dream. Men, we need to be teaching our children the principles of respect and dignity and not supporting the principles of religious intolerance, racism, bigotry or hate. The next generation of family leaders is watching our every move and we need to make sure that we are setting a good example.

Men, I challenge all of us to lead like we have never lead before. I challenge each of us to engage in an empowering dialogue with the next generation. We need to teach them that democracy includes “civil disagreement”, not hate filled or disrespectful dialogue. We must teach our children work ethics and  encourage them to use their talents to pursue the American dream rather than become dependent on the government. Finally, through our own actions we must teach our children what it means to be compassionate. Some of the “toughest dudes” I know lead their families in prayer and spiritual study on a daily basis. We live in the greatest country on earth. The world watches us for a reason. Our next generation of family leaders are entrusted with preserving the way of life that our forefathers, family members and friends fought for, I believe we owe it to them.

As always, I welcome your thoughts and feedback.

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