What On Earth Are Women Looking For In Men?…John Page Burton

Being the hopeless and often times “clueless” romantic that I am, I recently conducted a survey to help me determine more specifically what it truly is that women are looking for in a man. I instinctively knew that it had to be more than a hot body, fast car and a ton of cash but I needed to be sure. I posed a single question directed at the female members of my social media circles and patiently waited for their responses. The question I asked was straightforward and to the point. “What do you find to be the biggest “turn ons” in a male partner”? I received over 150 responses from women representing 12 different countries (their responses also included quite a few “turn off” comments) which I then narrowed down into a list of the 12 most common “turn ons” for women.

Men, pay close attention, the women of the world have spoken! FYI…The majority of women that I have spoken with seem to agree that men say what they have to and move on, while women often hold on to and analyze a situation for extended periods of time. Although it can be emotionally painful for men, there will be times when our fishing trips will have to be placed on hold in order to meet our partners emotional needs. I have taken the liberty to include some helpful tips for all of my male friends.

Below are the BIG 12…(I am not referring to an athletic conference)

1. Women are turned on when we listen, acknowledge their feelings and DON’T try to FIX them. (in other words unless a women has called 911, our rescue efforts are probably not necessary)

2. Women love when we tell them how beautiful they are. (not in reference to specific anatomical parts)

3. Women love it when our entire focus is on them. (remember…one eye on her and one eye on the ball game does not meet this criteria)

4. Women are attracted to men who are assertive and exhibit a direct style of communication. (agreeing with her in order to get along, is viewed by most women as “wimpy” and it significantly undermines our manhood)

5. Women crave a gentle, attentive touch as opposed to “pawing” or “groping”. (most of the women surveyed, agreed that when men take a gentle, attentive approach, we usually end up getting everything we desire)

6. Women desire a man that has a sense of humor and who is not afraid to poke fun at himself. (this is good news, we are free to be our natural comedic selves)

7. Women are attracted to men who maintain a healthy, active lifestyle. (my hunch is that once they fall in love with us, they desire for us to stick around for awhile)

8. Women desire to feel safe and protected. (sometimes it may be necessary to kill spiders and shoo off snakes)

9. Women desire support, acceptance and encouragement. They do not want to feel like they are in competition with their male counterpart. (we must focus on and celebrate her victories and refrain from comparing our success to hers, let her shine, she earned it!)

10. Women are turned on by confidence and humility. They desire to know that we are confident in ourselves and in our abilities and that we are not afraid to admit when we are wrong. (I take this to mean that it is all right for us to stop and ask directions after the third trip through the same part of town)

11. Women are turned on by generosity. They respect men who freely give of their time, treasure and talents to help make the world a better place. (again, this illustrates the concept that givers gain)

12. Women are turned on by men who continually seek to develop a deeper, more meaningful connection with their creator. (acknowledging and worshiping a power greater than ourselves is a truly masculine activity)

The results are in, the women have spoken, there’s work to be done, got to run! I look forward to your thoughts and feedback!

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