6 Characteristics Of Vision…John Page Burton

We have all heard someone referred to as a visionary. Thomas Edison, Bill Gates, Henry Ford and Steve Jobs are considered to be some of America’s greatest visionaries. Over the years, I have known several people who seemed to have an uncanny ability at picking winning stocks, investing in successful start up companies or who could spot an upcoming trend from a mile away.  When I was younger I was concerned that I might have come up short in the “visionary gene pool” yet as I have grown older, I have been able to tap into my natural visionary abilities and have enjoyed a great deal of productive, forward thinking. Today, I view the word visionary from an entirely different perspective.

Below are 6 characteristics of vision…V-Vested. Visionary people live their lives without contingency. They treat their life as an investment and they are expecting a high return. They refuse to play small and they routinely take calculated risks. They embrace the statement “life is not a dress rehearsal” and they go after their dreams.

I-Ingenuity. Visionaries are ingenious, clever and inventive. They look for innovative ways to meet challenges and they scoff at the belief that “it has always been done this way”. They think WAY outside the box which keeps them fully engaged in the creation process.

S-Solution oriented. Visionaries are not consumed by problems. They acknowledge that a course correction is necessary and they immediately begin looking for a solution that will enable them to reach a desired outcome. They are masters of energy allocation.

I-Intuition. A true visionary trusts their intuition. Intuition is our single greatest gift and all true visionaries have learned to listen to and most importantly trust their inner voice. With all of the clutter in the outside world this can be a challenging skill to master but one that can pay amazing dividends.

O-Observant. Visionaries pay close attention to the world around them. They are also extremely conscious of their own behavior and recognize when it is time to make the adjustments necessary to take their game to a higher level.

N-Non-conformists. Visionary people tend to be non-conformists. Because they think outside the box they tend to see a much bigger picture than the average person. They ask a lot of questions, routinely challenge authority and have no interest in blindly following others. In short, they are natural leaders.

Are you a person of vision? The answer is a resounding YES! We ALL have the 6 characteristics of vision and we can tap into them with a decision.

I look forward to your thoughts and feedback.


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