Embracing The FLOW, Emotions Of Power…John Page Burton

Most of us have heard the phrase ” go with the flow”.  A person might ask, why would I want to “go with the flow” when I could just as easily put my “nose to the grindstone” or “put my shoulder to the wheel”? Many of us find ourselves “rowing upstream against the current” because we don’t understand the value or the freedom that comes from embracing the FLOW. What exactly does it mean to “go with the flow”? I believe that we are naturally “going with the flow” when we master four specific emotions of power.
F – Focus. Our ability to get laser focused on what it is we truly desire is our first step into “the flow”. Far too many of us set “weak” goals and we subconsciously condition our mind to give up easily and often. Clarity of purpose followed by massive action will launch us into “the flow” and keep us there. Once we have stated our intentions and have taken the first steps toward their achievement, we are effectively sending the universe a clear message that we are ready to embrace “the flow”. Have you ever wondered why certain people or opportunities seem to “show up at the right time”? It’s called “being in the flow”.
L – Love. When we inject love and passion into our work, relationships, friendships and health we are bound to attract like energy. Love is the great equalizer. If we don’t love what we do, the people we spend our time with or where we choose to call home, we will more than likely find ourselves experiencing a high degree of inner turmoil. If you don’t love what you do, where you live or the people you spend your time with, it is probably a good time to make a course correction. Life is to short to be in turmoil.
O – Optimism. When we seek to find the good in other people, embrace the lessons inherent to our setbacks, recognize that tomorrow is a brand new day and we constantly strive to become better people, we are truly living in “the flow”. Those who embrace “the flow” tend to view their cup as “half full” and seek solutions rather than dwell on their problems.
W – Willpower. Willpower is the sum total of focus, love and optimism. Willpower is what keeps us in the game when life is throwing us curveballs. Willpower simply means that I am focused on my goal or dream, I love what I am working towards and I am optimisitc that everything will work out in my favor. When the going gets tough, I am able to summon the strength to stay in “the flow” and maintain my forward momentum.
There is no replacement for hard work and sacrifice. Being in “the flow” does not mean that everything always works out in our favor. Life happens when we are making other plans. Being in “the flow” simply means we are working within the natural rythym of the universe and we accept that all of our experiences (favorable or unfavorable) are necessary for our growth. We don’t try to apply force against force, instead we seek leverage, enabling us to re-direct our energy toward a more favorable outcome.
I look forward to your thoughts and feedback on embracing “the flow”.

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