Living A Truly R.I.C.H. Life…John Page Burton

Most of us were brought up to believe that the overall quality of our lives would be based upon our educational accomplishments as well as our income level. With this being said, I have come to believe that living a truly rich life extends well beyond degrees, an impressive financial portfolio, great homes, fun toys and a tree in our front yard that sheds $20 bills everytime the wind blows. Simply put, being rich is a state of mind, one that is shaped through a lifetime of diverse experiences. Money, along with the luxuries it can afford are merely the bi-products of our journey. The person that we ultimately become is a determining factor in whether we die rich or poor. What does living a truly rich life look like? Below are several of the characterisitics I have observed in those I consider to live truly rich and abundant lives.
R-Relationships. When most of us find ourselves knocking on death’s door, it will not be our”money” that we are going to miss but rather the people we shared our time with. As I have matured, something interesting has taken place. I am no longer driven to collect “things”, instead I am driven to collect experiences and knowledge. Make no mistake, my competitive fires still burn, yet I no longer have the insatiable need or desire to impress others with my “stuff”. I am comfortable with who I am becoming, what I am accomplishing and I am enjoying my personal relationships more than ever.
I-Integrity. Personal integrity is the foundation for living a truly rich life. First, we must be in integrity with ourselves. This means that we are honest about our feelings, we take ownership of our emotions and we seek to find the good in others. We recognize that true growth begins when we speak the truth about ourselves to ourselves. By striving to always come from a place of personal integrity, we are making daily deposits into our emotional bank account.
C-Centerdness. Those who live truly rich lives are balanced at their core. They pay little or no attention to unwarranted judgement or criticism and they remain firm in their beliefs. They know who they are, trust their inner compass to guide them and make very few emotional decisions. For many, sprituality is a grounding force in their lives and they turn to their faith to get them through the challenges or obstacles they encounter.
H-Habits.  Those who live truly rich lives are “creatures of habit”. Habits serve as guiding principles in our lives. Empowering habits may include, healthy diets and lifestyle, volunteerism, spiritual practice, wealth management, uplifting communication, accountability and serving others.  Empowering habits are the foundation of a truly rich life.
I encourage you to explore your current reality and ask yourself if you are living a truly rich life? Your answer may determine your direction.
As always, I welcome your thoughts and feedback.

2 thoughts on “Living A Truly R.I.C.H. Life…John Page Burton

  1. Thank you for your insights to a rich life. Lots of clarity bubbling up in the last few days. Will share by email soon.


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