The Law Of DISTRACTION…John Page Burton

If you are a student of personal development you are more than likely familiar with “the law of attraction”. The basic premise behind the “law of attraction” is “what you think about you will ultimately bring about”.  Numerous books have been written on the “law of attraction” and how each of us can use this law to manifest abundance in our personal and professional lives. I routinely introduce the “law of attraction” into my workshops and seminars. I consistently receive feedback from clients who are using the “law of attraction” to bring more abundance into their relationships, their health and their finances. What they are thinking about, they are ultimately bringing about.  

As a peak performance coach, I work with a diverse group of individuals. My clients come from different religious, ethnic, economic, cultural and educational backgrounds. They each possess a different set of values, rules, beliefs and guiding principles. Many of my clients embrace the “law of attraction” and put it to use on a daily basis. Others embrace an entirely different law, “the law of DISTRACTION”.  Millions of people embrace “the law of DISTRACTION” because it serves their deep seeded need to remain within their comfort zone.

A distraction is defined as a profound attraction to anything other than the situation or problem at hand.  The basic premise behind the “law of DISTRACTION” is “what I don’t think about, I will never have to worry about”. People who embrace “the law of DISTRACTION” tend to exhibit common characteristic that seem to revolve around avoiding personal responsibility.

IGNORANCE IS BLISS. “The less I know the better”. “What I don’t know can’t hurt me”.

PROCRASTINATION is critical to the “law of DISTRACTION”. We must put off until tomorrow what we could easily do today? We can then repeat this process daily and before we know it, our responsibilities will be out of sight and clearly out of mind.

EXCUSES are one of the best ways to maximize the “law of DISTRACTION”. When we spend the majority of our time making excuses for our behavior or our lack of progress, we are guaranteed to leave ourselves very little room for personal growth.

TRANSFERENCE can be an invaluable tool to those who embrace the “law of DISTRACTION”.  Nothing ever has to be about ME. I will just make everything about YOU and effectively sidestep taking any responsibility for MY actions.

BLAME is an excellent distraction. Some of the most common subjects of blame include our parents, our children, siblings, relationship partners, neighbors, teachers, coaches, clergy, law enforcement, the judicial system, the educational system, government, medical professionals and anyone else who doesn’t agree with our point of view.

THE VICTIM STORY is a classic distraction technique. The “victim” commentary usually sounds like this…”How could I ever consider manifesting something wonderful in my life after everything that has happened to me”? We all know people who identify and cling tightly to their “victim story”.  They become very resentful or dismissive whenever someone offers them a “positive” point of view. They are addicted to the drama and this addiction becomes a perfect distraction. *It should be noted that I am not making light of those individuals who are victims of horrific crimes or sexual violations.

The energy behind the law of ATTRACTION and DISTRACTION is very real. The law that we CHOOSE to embrace will have a very profound effect on the quality of our lives. CHOOSE wisely my friends!

 I look forward to your thoughts and feedback.

2 thoughts on “The Law Of DISTRACTION…John Page Burton

  1. Bravo John!! One of your better blogs for my personal growth… I have read, and use the Law of Attraction on a daily basis.. I have found that the more I reconize and am grateful for the little things the more little and now big things happen to myself.. .One must strive to reach that point but in my personal world, once there it sure is awesome!!


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