Leaving Frustration For Success…John Page Burton

Have you ever wondered why certain people seem to enjoy consistently high levels of happiness and success while other people routinely experience frustration and disappointment?  Have you ever met a person who exudes a level of confidence that is absolutely “contagious” and then a few minutes later you meet someone else that seems to suck the life and energy right out of the room? What separates an extremely frustrated person from a person who is living a joy filled life for all it’s worth? What differentiates a person who views their obstacles and challenges as an opportunity to learn and grow, from the person who views them as a “setback” or “punishment”? The answer to all of these questions can be summed up in one word…MINDSET.  Success and frustration are both a state of mind. The statement “what we think about, we bring about” is absolutely true. We will bring into our lives exactly what we focus on. Knowing this, why would anyone CHOOSE to focus on anything other than happiness and success? What we focus on is our CHOICE. Below are a set of traits that can be found in both success minded people and frustrated people.


*They hold a very clear vision for their lives. They have a plan.

*They trust themselves and their abilities. They listen carefully to their inner voice and use it as their guide.

*They set goals and see them through to completion.

*They embrace learning and they never stop growing.

* They are very clear that success is a process and they stay focused on the process not on the outcome.

*They seek out mentors and hire coaches.

*They are outwardly focused and they are in tune with the world around them.


*They seem to always be looking for the “quick fix” or the “magic bullet”. They want it now and they get angry when things don’t materialize fast enough.

*They lack a true vision for their lives. They let life “happen to them”.

*They lack goals and dreams. Frustrated people say things like, “life’s a bitch and then you die”.

*The majority of their decisions are based on the uninformed opinions of others. They are “thin skinned” and bristle at any perceived criticism.

*They become masters at the art of avoidance. When the going gets tough, they tend to disappear.

*They are very poor listeners and therefore miss a great deal of valuable information.

*They are self absorbed and lack an outward focus.

*They resist accountability. Coaches and mentors terrify them.

True change will only occur when we are brutally honest with ourselves. If we desire to transition from living a life of frustration into living a more joyful, rewarding life we must be willing to shed our disempowering traits and begin “modeling” the traits commonly found in successful people. Success leaves clues and it is our job to put on our detective hat and find them. The only difference between living a happy, successful life and living an angry, frustrated life is the story we continue to tell ourselves about ourselves. Change your story, change your life!

I look forward to your thoughts and feedback.

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