What It Means To Have Absolute Faith…John Page Burton

The word FAITH has become somewhat of a “buzz word” in our culture. We are encouraged to show more faith, have more faith, become a true person of faith and continue to grow our faith, especially during the most difficult times in our lives.  At times, having “absolute faith” can be very challenging. Like many people, I find myself exhibiting higher levels of faith when the odds weigh heavily in my favor.  I refer to this as my “convenient faith”.  When facing situations in which the outcome is unclear, I often find myself looking for answers through the life experiences of other people. Having “absolute faith” requires that I let go of my insatiable need to be in control and trust that the process will unfold exactly as it is supposed to. Being a person of “absolute faith” can also at times be very intimidating. In a “perfect world” I believe that “absolute faith” might be characterized as follows…

F=Freedom. When we have “absolute faith” we are free to be ourselves and pursue our dreams. We hold a belief that every outcome will be in our best interest and that there is a lesson to be learned in every challenging situation we experience.  Faith and freedom are liberating.

A=Action. Having “absolute faith” frees us from the bondage of fear. Fearless people take action. Action leads to results, results create higher levels of confidence. Confidence reinforces our faith.

I=Intuition. When we have “absolute faith” we are far more receptive to our inner voice. Our inner voice is there to guide us and provide important answers to the many questions that will surface as we journey down our own, unique, path. We must learn to rely on our intuitive gifts.

T=Trust. To have “absolute faith” means that we trust ourselves and we trust in the process. We don’t second guess ourselves, our decisions or our intentions because we know that we are being guided by a spiritual energy that only wants what is best for us. In order to grow, we must let go of control.

H=Humility. “Absolute faith” fosters humility.  Recognizing that I am not the “end all, be all” allows me to be truly grateful for every person, situation and experience in my life. Having “absolute faith” means that I am willing to place an explicit trust in the unknown, which can be extremely humbling.

In closing, I have “absolute faith” that you will find these thoughts helpful as you work towards developing your own, unique, level of faith.  As always, your feedback is appreciated.

7 thoughts on “What It Means To Have Absolute Faith…John Page Burton

  1. Faith is very powerful! Thank you John, for your great and inspiring thoughts 🙂 I believe that ‘being faithful’ also has a lot to do with certainty, living in the present moment and inner peace! I have picked up this mantra for myself, that I say or think whenever I go into control mode or become desperate for a specific (!) outcome: “Whatever I desire is on its way and it comes in greater amounts than I could ever imagine!”
    This helps me to stop stressing about the future and igniting my faith into the situation again 🙂


    • Thank you for your thoughtful response. I especially love your mantra. I also believe that “whatever we desire is on it’s way” and your right, it usually comes in a much grander fashion than we could have ever imagined. I have several powerful examples of this in my own life. Very cool!! Thanks again for contributing to this message.


  2. These words “Absolute Faith” were spoken to me in a dream and instructions given to me to search the web about these two words. I feel greatly blessed to have read your post. You have been an answer to prayer and revelation knowledge to me in relation to understanding my dream from Almighty God. May Jesus always be with you and bless you for your obedience.


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