Overcoming The Worlds Most Dangerous Mindset…John Page Burton

We live in a world in which there is more than enough of everything for EVERYONE. There is more than enough food, water, natural resources and land to ensure that no one on our planet has to live without and yet millions of people continue to suffer and die from mal nutrition and disease. Millions of others live in extreme poverty. Millions more are “hunted” for the sole purpose of eradication. If you have a conscience, you have probably asked yourself the question, why? Why does there have to be so much unnecessary hardship in this world? Why do individuals and governments callously withhold resources from those who desperately need them for survival? Why are the weakest members of our society often treated with such cruelty and utter disregard? Where is LOVE in all of this suffering? How could the “kind and loving” God that many of us have chosen to follow, repeatedly turn his back on the very people that were created in his image? It has taken me a lifetime to come to terms with and understand the carnage that can be created when individuals, governments or entire societies function under the influence of a scarcity mindset.


*A person with a “scarcity mindset” believes that there will never be enough for everyone and that they must protect what is “theirs” at all costs.

*It is a mindset that is based on a mistrust of the world and everyone in it. “They will get you before you get them”.  It is an extremely fear based mindset.

*It creates a negative competition that pits ME versus YOU and I am going to WIN at any cost!!!

*The featured emotions of person with a “scarcity mindset” are jealousy, anger, envy and greed. These individuals tend to base their “perceived self worth” on what they “possess” or “do” and they can become extremely depressed or threatened when they feel that they are falling behind “the Jones’s”.

*People with a “scarcity mindset” can be very judgmental. They view the world from a “have” or “have not” perspective. They form their opinions of people based on what they believe that person can offer or do for them. Their opinions are usually based solely on a material/visual observation rather than an interactive one.

*An entitlement attitude is usually common in a person with a “scarcity mindset”. They believe that “the world owes them something and they want it NOW”.

*A person with a “scarcity mindset” has an insatiable need to be in control. Everything in their world is black or white. If you do not agree with them, they will create a hostile, physical or mental environment in which you are identified as an “enemy.

By understanding the core beliefs that are associated with a “scarcity mindset” I have been able to view my list of “why” questions from a much more rational perspective. I realize that I will never be able to “change the world” but I can choose to view it from a much more enlightened place.

DEVELOPING A SUFFICIENCY MINDSET…What you appreciate, appreciates.

*A “sufficiency mindset” is based in a faith and belief that there WILL always be more than enough for everyone. “I am willing to share what I have with you so that we can both experience the blessing”.

*They experience a profound sense of gratitude for ALL that is bestowed upon them. They readily offer “thanks” for the abundance in their lives. They recognize God’s grace in every situation they encounter.

*They are engaged in a spirit of partnership and mutual cooperation. They look for opportunities to serve their fellow man. They recognize that they have a surplus of time, treasure and talent and they consider it an honor to be able to share it with others.

*Their predominant emotional traits are love, respect and trust.

*They recognize that God has given them all of the tools that they will need to be successful. They take full responsibility for their own results and they take pride in being independent people.

*They never judge a book by its cover. They take the time to hear a person’s story which allows them to better understand that person’s character.

*They are emotionally and spiritually fulfilled. They appreciate and take advantage of all that life has to offer and they truly live in the moment.

I know that when I come from a place of sufficiency my life feels rich and rewarding. When I come from a place of scarcity and lack my life feels chaotic and out of balance. This single awareness combined with my ability to quickly change my mental state, has dramatically improved my overall experience of life.

My hope is that you will consider this information and see how you can begin to apply these ideas in your own life. Change begins within. I welcome your thoughts and feedback.

6 thoughts on “Overcoming The Worlds Most Dangerous Mindset…John Page Burton

  1. As usual my new friend this information was really informative and of course well worthy us all to read and remember when we slip back into our old way of thoughts. Thank you for your kindness and effort in your writings. You contribute from the heart so blessings from me.


  2. Great Blog John-
    My heart sometimes yearns for more awakened people to realize what you so brilliantly expressed above but then I realize that my heart aching is just contributing to the same focusing on the problem instead of the solution. Therefore, I shift my focus and start thinking to what degree can I contribute to the solution which again shifts your perspective and puts you in a more energized state. Love it.


    • Thanks for your awesome feedback! I find that when I remain in solution mode that I DO have the energy both creative and emotional to stay in the process of change as opposed to remaining focused on the problem which keeps me in the disempowering state of anger and frustration. The beauty is that we ALL get to choose where we focus our energy. I appreciate your insight!


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