OOOPS, My Parents Weren’t As Dumb As I Thought…John Page Burton

Growing up, I made a daily habit of tuning out my parents. Yeah, yeah, yeah were frequent mutterings of mine and “ok I got it” was an on demand response to just about everything they said. My best friend and I used to compare notes on just how “dumb” our parents were and we were more than convinced that all of their “rhetoric” was being used to “brainwash” us into their way of thinking. By God I wasn’t going down without a fight!  HELLO WORLD HERE I COME!!!

Today, I realize how much I actually did learn from my parents and what truly amazes me is the amount of hardship I could have avoided if I had actually applied just half of what they shared. I have decided to take a closer look at some of the “rhetoric” they bestowed upon me while I was “living under their roof” and what it actually means to me today.  Here goes….


*Your Word Is Your Bond. Translation…Speak your truth in every situation. It takes far more energy to tell and maintain a lie than it does to speak your truth. In business we should strive to under promise and over deliver. Your integrity is truly your highest commodity.

*Life Is Not A Dress Rehearsal. Translation…You only pass through once. There are no do over’s. Live your life with passion and purpose and treat everyone you meet with dignity and respect. Summon the courage to take risks and by all means treat life as the grand adventure that it is. Never stop learning and growing.

*Money Doesn’t Grow On Trees. Translation…Be a good steward with your money. Don’t spend more than you earn. Take good care of the things you buy and they will last a long time. Tithe a portion of the treasure you have been blessed with.

*Practice Makes Perfect. Translation…Be patient, stick with things and don’t quit. The only way to see a dream come true is to first believe that it is possible and then go after it with all you’ve got. Every time you fail you are building the muscles of success and getting one step closer to fulfilling your purpose.

*Turn The Other Cheek. Translation…Don’t take things personally. Show people grace. Be willing to ask for and offer forgiveness. Only use physical violence if there is no other option and a life is truly threatened, otherwise always seek a peaceful solution.

*You Reap What You Sow. Translation…Your thoughts and actions go a long way in determining the quality of your life. If you plant seeds of generosity, kindness and love you will reap much of the same. If you plant seeds of anger, hatred and envy your crops are sure to perish. What you think about, you will bring about.

*All Work And No Play Makes Jack A Dull Boy. Translation…It is very important that we establish balance in our lives. Too much of any one thing is never good for us. We need VARIETY as it truly is the spice of life. Creating a good work-life balance will improve our relationships, our physical and mental health and more than likely add years to our adventure.

Both of my parents have passed on.  I never took the opportunity to thank them for all of the “rhetoric” they shared with me during my formative years but I have a feeling that they are looking in on my life and have come to the conclusion that I was not as “dumb” as they thought.

As always I appreciate your thoughts and your feedback.


8 thoughts on “OOOPS, My Parents Weren’t As Dumb As I Thought…John Page Burton

  1. Great life lessons our parents taught us! Thanks for sharing.

    What we do as parents meansso much more than what we say, although those words of wisdom shared come back to us as we need them. U


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