The 5 P’s For Life Success…John Page Burton

Let me start out by saying that I am and always will be a work in progress.  I firmly believe that there is no better teacher than life.  Life presents us with daily tests, the appropriate teachers and a wide array of experiments that will truly challenge our ability to see things from a logical perspective.  Sometimes we will achieve high marks and at other times we will fail.  I have determined that there are 5 keys to living a much more peaceful and productive life. The 5 P’s are relevant to both our personal and professional lives.

  1. PATIENCE. True success in any endeavor will take time. The vast majority of us live in an instant gratification culture that is very materialistic. In order to be viewed as a success we believe that we must drive a certain type of car, live in an exclusive neighborhood and our wardrobe must include the latest fashion trends. This misguided view of success leaves many of us exhausted and deeply in debt. There is no shortcut to success. You must have a plan, work that plan and have the wisdom to modify your plan when necessary. Patience truly is a virtue that I always seem to be working on.
  2. PERSEVERANCE.  We have all heard the phrase “when the going gets tough, the tough get going.” It’s true!  ALL of us will hit rocky points in our relationships and careers. The specific meaning that we attach to our low points will determine our experience of them. The manner in which we communicate with ourselves and others during difficult times will have a profound effect on our situation. When something is not working, it is imperative that we make a course correction. To experience a breakthrough a person must be honest with themselves and not give up.
  3. PRIDE. The Ego wields tremendous power over our lives. Learning how to accept failure is an important part of our maturation process. We are taught that “winning” is everything and when things don’t work out in our favor the Ego has a field day. Our programs begin running, the voices start chattering and before we know it we take on the identity of being a “loser.”  In my opinion the best way to combat the Ego is through a daily practice of GRATITUDE.  I thank my creator for ALL of my experiences (good or bad) and accept them as important lessons in my life.  Expressing gratitude helps me keep my life in perspective.
  4. PROCESS. Success is a process. We can choose to embrace and enjoy our journey or we can fight it and be miserable. When we choose to embrace the process, the journey becomes an educational adventure. With each step, we learn more about ourselves and our true character begins to form roots.  Viewing this process as a learning lab allows us to challenge ourselves and become more confident in our abilities.
  5. PASSION. “Variety is the spice of life.” We have all heard this phrase but many of us don’t realize just how important variety can be. Far too many people live in a constant state of complacency. They are willing to accept “whatever comes their way” and they do very little if anything to change their circumstances. Life is a GAME and it is meant to be played with PASSION!  Be curious, try new things, become a person who is adventurous and spontaneous. I personally make it a point to release my work on Friday afternoon and then proceed to play hard on Saturday and Sunday. Rarely do I have a plan, I just let things unfold. Monday morning finds me ready to jump back into the process and move towards my goals. Try it…you may find that you like it!!!

I hope that you find the 5 P’s helpful as you embark upon or continue your journey. Thanks for letting me share and as always I look forward to your feedback.


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