A 5 Step Process For Achieving Results…John Page Burton

Most of us desire to live productive, fulfilling lives. We live in a world where the sky is the limit for anyone that is willing to dream big, formulate a plan of action, roll up their sleeves and go to work.  I encourage you to follow this 5 step process as you move towards achieving your personal goals and dreams. 


  1. Clearly define what you desire to accomplish. Write it down. Carry it with you at all times. Read it out load no less than 10 times per day. Written goals that are stated on a daily basis send out a strong message to the universe that you are serious in your intention. *A goal that is “rolling around in your head” holds no real power.
  2. Determine the price you are willing to pay to attain your goal. Achieving your goal will take sacrifice! For example…Losing thirty pounds will require that you make time for exercise and stop eating “comfort foods.” Creating a second stream of income will add extra hours to your work day and may keep you from participating in activities with friends and family. Success comes with a price tag. You must be willing to pay the price.
  3. START, TAKE CONTINUOUS ACTION & DO NOT QUIT!  Often our most well intended plans never come to fruition because we fail to take the first step. Once we start the journey towards our goal we must take continuous action and never allow ourselves to give up. This sounds simple and yet it is quite difficult for most of us. When the going gets tough the excuses start surfacing and before we know it we are dead in the water. Hiring a coach or enlisting a work-out partner will help to keep you on track and hold you accountable.
  4. Evaluate your progress on a regular basis. Again, a coach or work-out partner will serve you well.  This evaluation process will reveal the things that ARE working well and you will also be able to modify or change the things that are not. Be open to change and most importantly be flexible. There are going to be countless detours on the road to success and your ability to take a different route will often be the difference in whether or not you reach your final destination. 
  5. Reward yourself along the way. I am a big believer in rewarding the “little victories” that we experience on the journey towards the end result. For example…If your goal is to lose 30 pounds, reward yourself when you lose the first 10. (Don’t have dinner at a Buffet) Rewarding yourself sends a very positive message to your brain and it will keep you motivated as you work off the next 10 pounds. I also recommend establishing a significant reward for achieving your overall goal. We all enjoy being rewarded for a job well done and learning to reward ourselves is very important.

I hope that you find these tips helpful and as always I look forward to your thoughts and feedback.



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