6 Ways To Stand Out In The Business World…John Page Burton

Whether you are climbing the corporate ladder, running your own business or you simply desire to create a higher level of influence, it is important to differentiate yourself from the crowd. Let’s face it, today’s business environment is more competitive than ever and your ability to be recognized as a person of value will be critical to your success. Here are 6 ways that you can set yourself apart.

*Master the mundane.  The vast majority of success minded individuals strive to obtain the corner office, the expense account and the prestige that comes from reaching the top.  Long before any of these goals can become a reality, we must first  be willing to master the small and often mundane tasks inherent to the success process. “He rose from the mail room to the boardroom” is a phrase that is often used to describe a person who has worked their way through the corporate structure. An effective leader is familiar with every aspect of their business model.

*Identify your strengths and skills. What do you bring to the table? Are you a master problem solver, a technology wiz, a natural teacher, a people person or someone who enjoys taking risks? We live in a highly specialized world and your ability to identify and focus on your strongest skills will help you become a person of greater professional value. Remember, in the areas where you are weak, someone else is strong.   Focus on your strengths!!!

*Become a proficient writer.  When I graduated from college and entered the workforce, the majority of my business was conducted either in person or by phone. In today’s technology driven world, a large majority of business is done in writing. Email, text messaging, blogging and social media posting have become the new normal for business. With this being said, it is important to become a proficient writer. I receive a great deal of written communication, some of which is quite “disjointed”. Solid writing skills will elevate your status. For example, “slang” abbreviations are fine if you are sending your friend a text from the local sports bar but inappropriate when responding to a client’s question. LOL!  Be professional in your written, business communication.

*Be willing to take risks. We currently have an above average unemployment rate in America. Hundreds of people may be applying for a handful of openings. Your willingness to take risks and think outside of the box will serve you well in a competitive environment. There are plenty of opportunities available but you must be willing to take some risks. What are your strongest skills? There are countless individuals and companies who will pay you for your knowledge. (A great book on this subject is The Millionaire Messenger by Brendon Burchard) Market yourself as a consultant and earn income by sharing your expertise.  Remember, people naturally gravitate toward risk takers. THINK OUTSIDE THE BOX…It will set you apart from the crowd.

*Build relationships. We live in a referral based society. Whenever we see a great movie or have a tasty meal we share our experience with other people. One of our primary goals should always be to expand our circle of influence.   Joining industry associations, mastermind groups or becoming a volunteer are great ways to help you expand your network.

*Brand yourself.  Social Media is the “new media”. Companies as well as individuals are spending considerable time and financial resources to create an online presence. Websites, landing pages, text campaigns, blogs, fan pages and social media groups are some of the many ways people are delivering their message. Our goal is to establish ourselves as experts in our industry. Our content must be consistent with who we are and what we represent.  Developing a strong social media presence takes time, effort and consistency. Establishing yourself and your brand can be well worth the effort.  I encourage you to be mindful of the content you post. Employers, potential employers, employees, clients and competitors are all able to view your social media pages. A good rule of thumb is to avoid posting any content that involves nudity, profanity, racial, political or religious insensitivity. Remember, we live  and work in a viral world, use discretion.

I hope that you find these tips helpful and as always I look forward to your feedback.


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