The I.Q. Versus The “I WILL”…John Page Burton

Let me start out by saying that I am a firm believer in our educational system. Both my parents enjoyed successful careers in the field of education and I have always loved to satisfy my own curiosity by learning about and then teaching new concepts and ideas. Like many children of my generation, I was led to believe that my ability to succeed in life would be greatly determined by my academic prowess. I formed a belief that those who possessed the highest I.Q. would ultimately set the pace for the rest of us to follow. I hit the books and hoped for the best! Over time, I became a pretty decent student who instinctively knew that I was capable of far more than my grades would ever indicate.

Thirty years later, having obtained both traditional college degrees as well as a PH.D from the SCHOOL OF HARD KNOCKS, I can say with certainty that the human I.Q. is NOT the primary indicator of a person’s true potential for success. For example, I have read numerous accounts of people who possessed above average I.Q.’s that chose to take a criminal path and were sentenced to a life in prison. Over the years, I have worked with several people who earned advanced college degrees but struggled to hold down their job and were unable to receive promotions due to their inability to relate well with others. Through these experiences, I have come to believe that the most important indicator of a person’s true potential for success is their “I WILL.”

Bill Gates, Steve Jobs and Mark Zuckerberg have each had a profound impact on the world of technology and how we communicate with one another.  All three of these men possessed an above average I.Q. Somewhat ironically, all three of them have the dubious distinction of being “college dropouts.” What guided each of them on their world changing journey? I believe that more than anything else it was their “I WILL.” Without a strong “I WILL” a person can never bring about meaningful results. A person with a strong “I WILL” is a person of action. Those who possess both a high I.Q. and a high “I WILL” truly occupy a league of their own. (Most great innovators fall into this category) An example of a person with an extremely high “I WILL” is Harriet Tubman. During the Civil War, under a constant threat of death, Harriet Tubman led 13 different missions and was able to rescue over 70 southern slaves in what is now referred to as The Underground Railroad. Harriet had a 3rd grade education but possessed an extremely high “I WILL.” After the Civil War, Harriet Tubman became one of the most sought after public speakers in America.

Here are some of the key traits belonging to a person that possesses a high “I WILL.”

*They are visionaries. They are able to see into the future and get others to “buy into” their vision.

*They are problem solvers. They find a way around obstacles.

*They are highly intuitive and rely on their inner voice to help guide them to victory.

*They are risk takers. Their vision and conviction propel them out of their comfort zone.

*They harness the energy to remain laser focused on the end result. The word NO is meaningless to them.

*They are able to block out negativity. They shut out both the internal and external voices of doubt.

*They base their decisions on reliable information as opposed to personal emotions.

*They recognize failure and setbacks as an important part of the success process.

I am a true believer in the power of the ” I WILL” and the role it plays in our success. I would enjoy your feedback and thoughts on how this message relates to your life.

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