Is “Tequila Talk” Holding You Back? John Page Burton

Here in the desert southwest we have a saying,”it sounds like the Tequila talking.” “Tequila talking”  refers to a person who is rambling on yet saying nothing of  any real value.  Let’s take a closer look at “Tequila talking” and identify some of the most common characteristics associated with this “foot in mouth” disease.


*They are usually quite full of themselves. As they ramble on, you can clearly see any sense of humility drift out the window. Their favorite subject is themselves and they rarely stop talking long enough to consider asking you about your life, family, interests or activities.The lesson…remain humble and be genuinely interested in other people’s lives. We should strive to keep our communication as balanced as possible. Humility will go a long way toward building lasting relationships.

*Their language can be offensive. “Tequila talkers” give very little thought to what they are  saying and they are prone to “blurt out” whatever comes to mind. They lack the ability to self regulate their speech and they are also masterful at alienating others through their unfiltered behavior. The lesson…think before you speak. Reckless speech can create irreparable damage personally and professionally.

*Their listening skills are under developed. God gave each of us two ears and one mouth for a reason. Listening is the key component for highly effective communication. When you fail to listen, you are sending a clear message that you view the other person as unimportant. The lesson..learn to become a good listener. This skill will take practice however, it will pay big dividends personally and professionally.

*They routinely break agreements. They tend to talk a big talk but walk a small walk. “Tequila talkers” consistently over promise and under deliver. They casually make and then break commitments with little regard for the other person’s time or feelings. The lesson…think before you commit. A good rule is to UNDER promise and then OVER deliver! The fastest way to build a solid reputation is to go above and beyond what you have committed to doing.

My hope is that these tips will help you avoid a very bad Tequila hangover! I look forward to hearing your thoughts and feedback.


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