5 Tips For Achieving Success In Any Endeavor… John Page Burton

We live in a world in which too many people have replaced the words “sacrifice and patience” with a new set of words, “instant gratification”.  Let’s face it, we live in a country that is abundant with purchasing options. Madison Avenue continues to do a marvelous job of convincing us that if we truly desire to be a person of any real significance we must drive a  sports car, wear designer clothes, vacation in exotic locations, sip frozen drinks on the beach with our perfectly chiseled mate and always remember that for everything else there is Master Card.  Many of us want it NOW and we are resistant to the notion that we must somehow pay our dues before we can enjoy the trappings of success.

Time for a reality check…

Success is not a sprint…It is a marathon! Success requires education, training, discipline and a tremendous amount of personal sacrifice. Marathon runners charge off the starting line in a long distance race that covers 26.5 miles. Many of the runners who begin the race will not finish. During the course of any marathon the majority of runners will experience fatigue, pain, self doubt and frustration. Those who complete the race truly understand what it takes to succeed. Below are 5 tips that will help you achieve success in any endeavor.

*Take the first step. This sounds simple however, the first step is often the hardest one. In other words, make the decision to get started. Every successful marathon runner started out by completing their first mile. Small disciplines repeated over time become habits. Build your muscles for success one mile at a time.

*Don’t compare yourself to others. We must each run our OWN race at our OWN pace. Comparing ourselves to others drains us of the valuable energy we will need to succeed. Don’t look around you and don’t look behind you, stay focused on the next mile post and keep moving forward!

*Your challenges and circumstances are unique to you. The field of runners in a marathon is quite diverse. Young, old, fast, slow, male, female and many who possess physical or mental challenges. Regardless of their ability level they all share the same goal… finish the race. Success in any endeavor requires us to learn how to navigate around obstacles and summon the WILLPOWER to rise up and meet our challenges head on. How we learn to navigate and adjust to obstacles during our marathon to success will ultimately determine whether or not we cross the finish line.

*Leveraging our resources. Marathon runners learn how to properly train for a race. They solicit advice from people who have competed in and finished a marathon. They hire coaches to guide them and to hold them accountable for the results they seek.  Coaches, mentors and work out partners will serve you well as you set out to run your marathon.

*Mental toughness. All long distance runners reach a point in the race when the voices in their head begin to chime in. “Your blisters are too painful, you have gone most of the way, it’s alright to stop, you can run the race another time”, etc, etc. Our ability to stay mentally focused when the voices start racing through our head will go a long way in determining whether we experience success or failure. Strong mental discipline allows us to push through our pain and finish the race. Developing mental toughness is a process that involves identifying our fears and then setting out to conquer them one at a time.

Success in any endeavor is a process. Success comes to those who are willing to pay a price. My hope is that these tips will help you to run the biggest race of your life!!! As always I appreciate your feedback.


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