Using Feedback As Your Guide…John Page Burton

As each of us move forward in our  personal relationships or professional ambitions, it is  important that we solicit constructive feedback from people who have achieved what we desire to accomplish.  There is a distinct difference between feedback and criticism. Criticism is negative in nature and is rarely “asked for.” Feedback is an agreement between two parties, designed to produce positive, growth oriented results.


Life coaches, business leaders, mentors and teachers are all great sources of feedback.  With few exceptions, close friends and immediate family members are not reliable sources for quality, unbiased feedback.  Seeking and being open to feedback is the first, important step in helping each of us make the major changes or slight modifications that will allow us to play a much bigger game of life.


Here are just a few of the benefits that we receive from unbiased feedback…

*It can help us design new strategies and expand upon existing ideas.

*It can assist us in defining our message and help us become more effective communicators.

*It allows us to find out what our customers really want.

*It can provide us with new emotional insights that will allow us to create much deeper connections in our intimate relationships.

*It can be instrumental in helping us make directional shifts in our careers and personal relationships.

*It can provide valuable guidance and inspiration as we replace harmful habits with new, empowering ones.


*Don’t take it personally. Feedback should always be looked upon as an opportunity for growth.

*Feedback should be objective. The sole purpose of feedback is to give you options to look at and things to consider.

*It is advisable to solicit more than one opinion. If you begin to see a pattern developing,  it is more than likely something worth paying attention to.

Remember, feedback is important for those of us who aspire to be the best version of ourselves. I look forward to your thoughts and as always, I welcome your feedback.


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