Rediscovering Our Sandbox Mindset…John Page Burton

What separates the person who chooses to live their life by design from the person who is willing to settle for “whatever cards they are dealt?” What is the difference between the person who makes a decision to start their own business from the person who remains in a dead end job that they detest? Why do some people enjoy healthy, exciting, relationships while others find themselves constantly battling with everyone around them?  I believe the answer to these questions can be found by taking a journey back in time and stepping into the sandbox of our youth.

Sandbox Traits….

INQUISITIVE. As children we were open to learning new things. We were curious about everything and we remained open minded. We were not prone to judgement and we based most of our decisions on whether something caused us pain or pleasure. Something to think about… Write a paragraph that describes something that you are interested in learning about.  How do you plan to accomplish this goal? Example. I desire to learn Spanish. I will sign up for a Spanish class at the local community college. Have fun and don’t let your ego tell you that it is impractical…just start writing!

SOLUTION ORIENTED. Children ASK for what they want and seldom take NO for an answer. They will pose the same question in multiple ways until the answer is YES. Children are extremely persistent, they will find their way around most obstacles because they are solution oriented. Children  are  also “breakthrough” minded. Something to think about..Write a paragraph that describes a situation in your life that is causing you unhappiness or stress. Are you focusing on the problem or are you focusing on finding a solution? What would your life look like if you found a solution to this temporary obstacle?

SPEAKING OUR TRUTH. We have all heard the phrase “out of the mouths of babes.” If you ask a child a question you will usually get a very straight forward answer. Children readily speak their mind and are not overly concerned with   “looking good” programs. Something to think about…List 3 lies that you are telling yourself. What are these lies costing you? List 3 NEW truths that you will begin telling yourself. How will these new truths enhance the overall quality of your life?

LIFE IS A GAME…Children inject fun and excitement into everything they do. To them, life is a game! Children rely on their imagination as their primary navigation tool. Children are dreamers, who view their life as an endless road of possibility. Something to think about…Write down 2 NEW things that you are looking forward to experiencing this week. What are 3 things that you absolutely LOVE about your career? Your relationship? If you could vacation anywhere on earth where would it be? Life is a game that we should look forward to playing!

LEAP OF FAITH…By nature children are risk takers. They trust that everything will turn out fine. Most children believe that they are unstoppable. As we grew older, all of that changed. Something to think about… Write a paragraph that answers the following questions. What is an area in your life in which you feel stuck?  Why are you afraid to move forward? What are the negative voices telling you?  How would your life be different if you were willing to take a giant leap of faith and face your fear head on?

We were all once innocent children playing in the sandbox. As we grew older we slowly but surely moved away from a world of endless possibility into a world of conformity and fear. In order for us to feel alive and achieve our greatest life purpose we must reconnect with our sandbox mindset.

I look forward to hearing your thoughts.

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