5 Steps For Overcoming Our FEAR…John Page Burton

There is no such thing as being fearless, EVERYONE experiences fear on some level. Here are 5 steps that I consistently follow to confront and overcome the fears that show up in my life.

1. Identify your emotional reaction as the fear begins to surface. What are you afraid of? Is this fear life threatening? (If it is life threatening you have a very legitimate fear) Do you feel anxious? Do you feel rejection? Do you feel a sense of failure? Does this specific fear cause you to feel depressed? EXERCISE..Identify a fear that you are experiencing on a regular basis. Write down every negative emotion that this fear brings up. Be specific.  (A tightness in your chest or throat, pit in your stomach, scary memories from the past etc.) How is this fear serving you?

2. Take ownership of your fear. Denying that you have this fear or trying to sidestep it will prevent you from conquering it. Until you own your fear, it owns you. EXERCISE…Write a one sentence affirmation. Today I am going to face my fear of_____ I will no longer let it control me. (Read and repeat this affirmation at least 50 times per day until you have conquered your stated fear)

3. Determine the price you are paying for holding onto this fear. Fear usually hurts us both emotionally and financially. We allow our fear to keep us from looking for a better job or pursuing  business opportunities. Our fear may keep us trapped in an abusive relationship. Our fear often keeps us from stepping up and saying or doing what we know is right. EXERCISE…Write a paragraph that describes in detail what your life would be like if you didn’t allow fear to control you.  How would your life improve? What would facing and conquering this fear do for your self esteem, your career or your personal relationships?

4. Take ACTION. The only way we can overcome our fear is to face it.  Once we conquer a fear it loses it’s power over us. For example, if you are afraid of heights, go skydiving. If you are afraid of public speaking,  join Toastmasters. EXERCISE…Enlist the support of a friend, mentor or coach who does not share your same fear. Ask them to support you and hold you accountable as you set out to conquer your specific fear. Establish a specific date that you will experience your breakthrough. Create a “breakthrough reward” that you and your accountability partner can enjoy once your fear has been conquered.  The reward will make it more fun!

5. Pick another FEAR and repeat steps 1-4.

This 5 step process works!!!  I would love to hear your feedback or any of your “fear busting” techniques.


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