Characteristics Of C.O.U.R.A.G.E. John Page Burton

What does it mean to say that someone has courage? Our soldiers certainly  display a tremendous amount of courage, our Olympic athletes display courage and a person who is facing a terminal illness must also be able to summon courage on a daily basis. A person who has decided to start a new business or is embarking on a new career must be able to harness courage. So what does it really mean to be courageous? Here are several of the key characteristics commonly found in courageous people.

C=Conviction. They possess an unwavering belief.  Once they have established their objective they move toward it with laser focus. They block out distractions and treat set backs as no more than a temporary nuisance.

O=Optimism. They seek to find the positive in every situation. They have  tremendous faith and believe that they will prevail in the face of any challenge. They rarely if ever second guess their decisions. They are solution oriented.

U=Unselfish. They will readily take the backseat if it will produce a greater end result. They willingly step into adverse situations time and again as their personal comfort is secondary. “Bring it on” is their mantra. They are true team players.

R=Resilience. They get knocked down and they pop back up. Their broad shoulders are capable of carrying a heavy load. They view the rewards of any challenge to be far greater than any short term pain.

A=Action. They take action! They never wait for the “right time” or “the right circumstances” to get going, they simply engage. Courageous people face their challenges head on!

G=Genuine. Courageous people never waiver in their beliefs. Their word is their bond and you can count on them to rise to the occasion.

E=Excellence. They desire to always deliver their best, mediocrity is not an option. When failure occurs (and it will) they view it as a learning experience. Through their example they inspire excellence in others.

Being courageous is more than simply overcoming our fear. Courage is a mindset that we will continue to develop throughout our lifetime. ALL of us will be placed in situations that will require us to be courageous and strong. It is in these moments that our true character will be formed.

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