Becoming The C.E.O. Of Your Life… John Page Burton

The abbreviation CEO most commonly stands for Chief Executive Officer. Most of us translate CEO to the business world. The truth is that each of us is a CEO. We are the CEO of our life and much like a CEO in the business world, we are responsible for making important decisions and designing life strategies for ourselves and our families. Lets take a closer look at the abbreviation CEO and how it can apply to both life and business.

C=Congruency. Effective CEO’s stay true to their values and beliefs. They seldom waver. When in their presence, you learn quickly who they are and what they stand for.  They don’t let emotion run their life or effect their decision making process. They take the time to think things through and consequently they make informed decisions. They are accountable for their actions and their word is their bond.

E=Engaged. CEO’s are fully engaged in the game of life. They pay close attention to their surroundings and express a genuine interest in the people they interact with.  They prioritize personal development and continually strive to become more effective leaders. They recognize the value of spiritual growth and routinely express gratitude for their many life experiences. Their physical health is a priority because they understand the role energy and vitality play in their overall well being.

O=Opportunistic. CEO’s look for opportunities to serve others and to make ongoing contributions within their communities. They embrace opportunities to develop and expand their personal relationships. They seek out opportunities to learn from other successful people as well as looking for opportunities to pay their knowledge forward by mentoring others.

Whether you are the CEO of your own company or the CEO of your own life, these are traits that I believe will serve you well.
I look forward to your thoughts and feedback.



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