3 Tips For Re-Creating Your Life…John Page Burton

Change is inevitable. How we respond to major life changes can have a profound impact on the overall quality of our lives. Every time we experience  a major life change, we are provided with an opportunity to evaluate our current situation and determine how we will proceed from there. I commonly refer to this process as re-creation. A major life change will often thrust us directly into the re-creation process.

Some of the most common examples of major life changes include…

Job/career change.

Relationship/marriage change.

Geographical change.

Health/illness change.

Family/children change.

Major life changes are usually accompanied by a tremendous amount of tension, uncertainty and stress. Our ability to remain flexible and adaptable during any major life change is critical to our physical and mental well being. In order to rise above our challenges and truly re-create ourselves, we must get COMFORTABLE  BEING UNCOMFORTABLE. Here are 3 tips that will help us stay focused during any major life change.

1. Don’t pass judgment on the experience. Every situation or condition that happens in our lives is a teachable moment. These experiences are necessary for our growth. Life often happens when we are making other plans. We must strive to find the positive and express gratitude for every life changing event.

2. Join a mastermind group. A mastermind group is different from a support group. A mastermind group is solution oriented and is designed to hold its members accountable for their own results. I understand the importance of early stage support groups but I truly believe that a mastermind group is better structured to provide the strategies and tools needed to effectively begin our re-creation process.

3. Establish a new set of objectives. We are closing a major chapter in our lives. Our personal re-creation will require powerful new goals and a well defined game plan. (This is also where the mastermind group can be of tremendous value) In many cases our confidence has been rattled and we are experiencing  self doubt. It’s time to leave our comfort zone and set new goals that will cause us to stretch and grow. Reaching these goals will get us back in the game and boost our confidence.

Re-creation means that we are choosing to be proactive in our life. This is a very empowering way to live!

As always I look forward to your thoughts and feedback.

8 thoughts on “3 Tips For Re-Creating Your Life…John Page Burton

  1. Finding the good in life’s tough situations and then expressing gratitude for it is always a means to positive transformation for me. Thanks for the reminder Coach!


  2. Great insight! I believe life will throw you some curve balls along the way. What’s important is that you learn what you are meant to learn, stand up and throw them back! Thank you for your leadership Coach J!


  3. Its called life,you are not promise life.You enjoy it to best of your ability,due to the fact.That life is not perfect.


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