The 3 Levels Of Conviction…John Page Burton

As a peak performance coach, I have the opportunity to work with a very diverse group of clients. Each of my client interactions leaves me with valuable insights into  how each of us choose to play the game of life. Recently I was asked what I thought distinguished the people who society considers “high achievers” from the people who always seem to struggle. Was it their family of origin, educational background, race, religion or some other determining factor? I pondered this question for a few days and came to the conclusion that more than any other factor, it comes down to a persons level of CONVICTION.  There are three primary levels of conviction.

TOTAL CONVICTION. People who live their life from a place of total conviction truly believe that they deserve success, abundance, happiness and all of the good things that life has to offer. They instinctively know that there will be a price to pay for success and they are willing to pay it time and again. They don’t waste energy feeling offended, rejected, jealous or envious.  They have no ego attachment to what others may or may not think of them. They know where they are going and they firmly believe that nothing will deny them their dreams. *These individuals fall into the top 3% of our society.

MODERATE CONVICTION. People with moderate conviction usually invest a tremendous amount of time trying to convince themselves that they deserve success. The majority of their life decisions are based on what is most comfortable for them. They routinely compare themselves to others and  can become jealous and envious toward people they perceive have “more” than they do. They often go into significant debt, purchasing material possessions to create an illusion that they are better off than they are. They will undoubtedly experience tremendous stress in their personal lives due to their propensity to live above their means.

CONVENIENT CONVICTION. People with convenient conviction make the majority of their life decisions based on their current emotional state. When things are going their way life is great , when things are not going their way they become miserable and blame others for their unhappiness. They are thin skinned and are easily offended. They tend to gossip, hold grudges and share their “sad stories” with anyone who will listen. They invest a considerable amount of energy ensuring that they are the “king of their hill”. They feel threatened by anyone who is willing to step our of their comfort zone to improve their life.  People with convenient conviction often attract health and financial challenges.

Where are you on the conviction scale? The key word is CURRENTLY.  Each of us has the ability to make a different decision. If you are living your life from a place of total conviction, congratulations, you have arrived! If you are like the majority of us you are living somewhere between moderate and total conviction. If you find yourself living in the convenient zone you would be well served to take a closer look at yourself and your current associations. Convenient conviction is not growth oriented. I would recommend hiring a coach to help you design a life strategy and hold you accountable for your results. You are well worth the investment!

Your thoughts and feedback are always welcome and appreciated!

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