What True Failure Really Means…John Page Burton

When I look back upon my life, I credit the many “failures”  I have experienced with shaping who I am today. I am grateful that I placed myself in a position to fail (time and again) and that I also gave myself permission to try again. Living a “safe life” would be quite dull. Here are some of the lessons I have learned from failure.

F=Fortitude. Learning to accept failure has given me the strength to face  adversity with courage,wisdom and conviction. It has also taught me to savor my “wins”.

A=Action.  Action simply means that I prefer to be in “the game” as opposed to watching it from the sidelines. I am willing to take some hits, they are a part of the game.

I=Integrity. Failure has encouraged me to remain faithful to my vision. I am honest with myself regarding my strengths and my limitations.

L=Lessons. With each failure I have learned valuable lessons and gained insights that  helped prepare me for the arrival of success.

U= Unique. Accepting failure is unique. Most people allow the fear of failure to hold them back from pursuing their goals and dreams.

R= Responsibility. By accepting that failure will happen, I am taking full responsibility for my life circumstances, decisions and outcomes.

E= Ego. Experiencing failure serves to quiet my ego and it allows me to embrace what it truly means to be humble.

It is during times of adversity that our  true character is formed. Failure provides us with an opportunity to experience who WE really are. I encourage you to FAIL your way to massive success.  I would enjoy hearing your thoughts on failure.


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