The Money Test…John Page Burton

Recently, I took on a new coaching client who has been experiencing a “love-hate” relationship with money. In his mind, a persons self worth is directly linked to their bank account. We discovered that he had subconsciously identified an amount of money that he was “comfortable” earning and once there he would begin a process of “self sabotage” that would prevent him from moving into a higher tax bracket. This subconscious mind game shows up daily in the lives of millions of people. I asked my client several key questions and then listened to his responses. This conversation lead to “the money test”. I encourage you to take this “money test” and identify where you find yourself in relationship to money.


First, money is either a small sheet of paper or a tiny piece of metal, we attach our own unique meaning to money.

*Do you believe that money (or the lack of) is a measure of your true self worth?

*Do you ever find yourself feeling jealous or envious of a person that you believe has more money than you do?

*Do you routinely spend money that you don’t have (credit, overdraw your checking, delay paying household bills) to purchase material items that create the illusion that you live a grander lifestyle than you actually can afford?

*Do you complain that you never have enough money?

*Do you feel guilty thinking about or exploring opportunities that would allow you to earn more money?

The answer to these questions will go a long way in determining your emotional perception of money.

Here are a few thoughts designed to help you re-frame your relationship with money. Again, money is either paper or metal, we attach the meaning.

*Money does not define who YOU are. Your character and actions will always speak louder than your bank account.

*Being envious or jealous of another persons financial well being will block your ability to attract financial abundance. Don’t waste your energy on perceptions, run YOUR race!

*Going into debt in order to “look better off” is financial suicide. DEBT is DEBT!!! Your goal should be to create NEW streams of income rather than new lines of credit.

*Speaking words of scarcity and lack will not help you create financial abundance. Your words become thoughts, thoughts become actions and actions become habits. What you speak about long enough will eventually come to pass. Pay close attention to your thoughts and choose your words wisely.

*Feeling guilty about making money will not improve your finances. You must  replace financially restrictive thoughts with empowering thoughts that focus on abundance. A person should never feel guilty about bettering their life.

I look forward to hearing your thoughts on money.


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