Building Muscles For Success…John Page Burton

There are no shortcuts to success! Achieving success in any endeavor is a process. There has never been an overnight success and there never will be. Those who seemingly hit the top “overnight” actually paid a high price to get there. It’s true that some people travel at a much faster pace than others, however, the principles and the process for attaining success remains the same for everyone. It’s your race, run it at the pace you are comfortable with. Just make sure to FINISH!!!

People who workout at the gym know that significant results take months of sustained activity. Through the process of repetition a persons muscles begin to develop and become defined. Anyone who has experienced significant weight loss (and kept it off) also understands the importance of repetition and consistency. In order to experience measurable results in any area of your life it is imperative that you follow this proven system for success.

*Make a decision. Most people “think” about success but few are willing to make the absolute decision to go after it. Thoughts without action are just thoughts.

*Attitude. You MUST believe that you deserve to have what it is you are going after and that nothing is going to stop you. Your attitude will make or break you.

*Establish clear, written goals and post them everywhere that you are. The more exposure you have to your written goals the more they become real. Share your goals with everyone around you. We all have “looking good” programs running and this will increase your odds of “looking good.”

*Establish a written strategy that outlines how you intend to accomplish your goals. Create a specific timeline for their completion. Your goals must be REALISTIC. Example: I’m going to lose 30 lbs in the next 10 days is not realistic. Losing 7 lbs in 2 weeks is a more realistic goal that will provide you with a reasonable challenge. When you complete this goal you will feel empowered and motivated to go after the next 7 lbs.

*Be consistent. Work towards your goals everyday. Don’t break the cycle or you will have to start over. Remember that we build strong muscles by taking consistent action over a sustained period of time.

*Recruit a work out partner or hire a professional coach. A coach/work out partner will keep you on track and will hold you accountable for your results. This can also be a fun, motivational way to push yourself to the next level.

*CELEBRATE!!! Rewarding yourself for a job well done is mandatory. Establish in advance how you intend to reward yourself upon reaching your goals. Make sure that it is something significant as this will also keep you motivated during the times you feel like quitting.

By engaging in consistent repetition over a sustained period of time you will begin to see your goals and dreams become your reality.

As always I would love to hear your thoughts on these success principles.


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