The Truth About Ghosts… John Page Burton

When I was a little boy our family would go camping in the woods. Each day ended with a bedtime “ghost story” that often featured a poor soul named Stumpy, an unfortunate woodsman who had lost his legs in a logging accident. His tortured soul roamed the woods at night, searching for his legs. Eventually I realized that it was highly unlikely that “Stumpy” would ever find his legs and if by chance he did decide to raid my tent, I could simply “out run” him.

In reality, many of us never truly let go of our “ghost stories” from the past. Our adult “ghost stories” are far scarier and more damaging than the “fireside” ghosts of years gone by. We entertain visits from the ghosts of our parents, teachers and other family members who continually remind us that we are being impractical and self centered in our approach to finding happiness. The ghosts from our failed relationships remind us to never try again as nobody would want to spend time with “damaged goods.” The business failure ghosts illuminate the audacity that we of all people could have ever taken such a STUPID risk and do something for ourselves. The ghosts swirl around and taunt our every move. Much like the kids in the tent, many of us lie frozen with fear waiting for “stumpy” to drag us off into the woods and end our pitiful lives.

Here is the absolute truth. GHOSTS ARE NOT REAL!!! They don’t exist, they are only made up stories that we continue to tell ourselves. Casper, although a very friendly ghost is a cartoon character who is unable to save the day. Ebeneezer Scrooges ghosts were the guilt and disappointment he carried toward those he perceived to have let him down when he was a child. If we are to live a rich and rewarding life, we must stop listening to our ghost stories. Ghosts cannot thrive in the present because they DIED in the past. You and I are alive. Everyone that we communicate with is alive. It is crucial that we connect with the living and experience all that LIFE has to offer. We must stop telling ourselves ghost stories. I will leave you with a joke…

Knock Knock

Who’s there?


Boo Who?

Quit crying..ghosts don’t exist!


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