Dream Like Your Life Depended On It…John Page Burton

Can you remember being a child when everything seemed possible? I dreamed of becoming an airplane pilot, firefighter, football player, doctor and even a super hero named “squid man”. I would visualize myself in these roles and then recruit my friends to help me act them out in the backyard. All of us started out as dreamers and then something tragic happened. Our parents, along with a host of other “well meaning” people, began admonishing us to “grow up” and become more practical in our aspirations. With few exceptions, our dreams and our desire to dream slowly but surely died. I began my college career as a theater major. At the conclusion of my first semester, my father informed me that he was no longer willing to fund this “foolish pursuit” and  he strongly suggested that I study law. I was able to strike a compromise and ended up earning my undergraduate degree in mass communications. *It should be noted that my father ended up having a “conflict of interest” that coincided with my graduation day. With that being said, I am still very appreciative that he funded the majority of my college education. Thirty years later and much wiser, I can credibly speak about the importance of dreaming. I believe that we can never afford to stop dreaming. Here are some of my thoughts on dreams…

REGRET…I don’t want to lie on my deathbed knowing that I never left my “comfort zone” to go after my dreams. This would be an awful feeling.

THE WORLD NEEDS MORE DREAMERS…All of the luxuries we enjoy today are the bi-product of someones dream. Most of us will never be an Edison, Gates or Jobs but we can use the same process to establish and go after our dreams. Everything worthwhile starts with a vision and is followed by massive action.

DREAMS ARE UPLIFTING…Dreams create excitement. The pursuit of our dreams can be quite invigorating and uplifting. When we solicit family participation in our dream, we are creating the space to build an amazing bond. The accomplishment is shared by everyone and it becomes that much more meaningful. We must encourage our children to dream!

LEAVING OUR LEGACY…How will you be remembered? Will you leave a legacy as someone who went after their dreams and lived life for all it was worth?  Our children need to know that it is acceptable to be a dreamer and WE can be an example of the POWER OF THE DREAM.

Here’s The Plan….

Set aside some quiet time and just let your mind wander.(It’s called day dreaming and many of us got in trouble for it) Think about some of the dreams you have placed on hold because someone told you that it was impractical or foolish. Were they really? Identify two dreams that you absolutely desire to accomplish. Make the decision to fully commit to these dreams. Share your dreams with friends and family. Develop a plan of action. A dream without a plan will have a short life. Establish a firm date of completion. Track and measure your results so that you will know how you are doing and where you may need to modify or change your approach. Have fun, dreams are meant to be enjoyed! Here is an example…

Diana and I held a vision of purchasing a vacation home in the White Mountains in northeastern Arizona. We decided that the timing was right to begin looking in earnest. We had a picture (an actual photograph that I had taken seven years before) of the type of place that we were looking for. We routinely talked about our vacation home and we even began collecting items that we thought would fit well with the decor. On one of our visits to the White Mountains we set up an appointment with a friend, who is a realtor in the area. She showed us several homes but none of them resonated with us. She informed us that she had one more home that she would like to show us. As we pulled into the driveway, a smile crossed my face. This was the exact home that I had taken the picture of  seven years earlier. In addition, it was being sold fully furnished. The next morning we made an offer and it was accepted. THAT IS THE POWER OF THE DREAM!!!

I encourage you to dream like your life depended on it. It just might.


2 thoughts on “Dream Like Your Life Depended On It…John Page Burton

    • Since we will be in the vicinity of 40 lakes we will be getting his and her kayaks. My next goal/dream is to publish my new book which is on track for a late summer release. I am also going to become much more active in the non-profit sector as it relates to the disadvantaged members of our community. God is blessing us and we in turn must return his grace upon others. What are your dreams? I would love to hear what this process looks like for you.


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