We All Deserve To Live An Abundant Life…John Page Burton

You and I deserve to live an abundant life! We live in arguably the greatest country on earth, in which we have the freedom to choose where we live, what we wear, what we drive, what we eat and who we spend our time with. With that being said, the only question remaining is how do we maximize our true potential and live the most abundant life possible.

Here are 5 strategies that I believe will help each of us reach our full potential and design the abundant life that we deserve.

*We must take responsibility for our own results. Excuses kill dreams! We must stay out of our past, it does not serve our higher good! If we are living paycheck to paycheck it would be wise to consider developing an additional stream of income. Giving all of our creative energy to our employer will never allow any of us to create and build our own abundant life. It is imperative that each of us take charge of our own economy, WE are worth the extra effort!`

*Designing our life plan. What does an abundant life look like to us? It’s time to turn off the voices of “practicality” and have some fun with this. We now have our  very own personal  Genie…Our wish is their command! Let’s start by creating a vision board. What does our car, home, clothes, and favorite vacation spots look like? Dream big! The laws of attraction can be quite powerful….

*Get healthy! It takes energy to create an abundant life. The healthier We are the more we will be able to enjoy what we have created. Our food plan and our commitment to exercise will provide us with the energy that we need to build our dream lifestyle.

*Embracing our setbacks and failure. Those of us who strive to live an abundant life must be willing to pay a price. We will undoubtedly encounter challenges, that in turn will make our “wins”  far more meaningful. Our mantra must be…”I will do what others won’t, so that I can live like others don’t.”

*Express GRATITUDE! Learning to be thankful for our success and our failure keeps us humble. We can often learn more from a setback than from a success. By being grateful for ALL of our experiences we are learning to stabilize our emotions.

An abundant life is available to anyone who is willing to get into the game and go after their dreams. We should all be grateful that we live in a country that allows us this freedom!

As always I welcome your thoughts and feedback!


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