Don’t Let Self Sabotage Become A Habit…John Page Burton

At one time or another, all of us have “self sabotaged”. My area of specialization was “self sabotaging” relationships. The moment that I sensed my relationship was going well and that it might potentially “go the distance”, I would begin the slow, agonizing process of “blowing it up.” I have other friends who were specialists in “career sabotage” and others who were quite adept at “health sabotage.” Different areas,same results. The craziest part of all, is that if left unchecked, our self sabotaging behaviors become HABITS. In my case I made the decision to quit playing the “victim” card and begin taking personal responsibility for my role in the relationship. I also had to stop blaming my family of origin for everything that I felt was wrong with my life. I learned firsthand that once we stop playing the victim role and we begin taking responsibility for ALL of our actions we will begin to sabotage our success less and less. NEWSFLASH…Everyone has areas in their lives in which they self sabotage.

The first step in creating unstoppable results in our lives is to realize that we are solely responsible for the quality of our own life. Life deals each of us different cards and how we play our hand makes all the difference. Taking personal responsibility is the key to change, growth and freedom. Have you ever felt that if the circumstances in your life were different or that if the people around you would only change, then you would be able to enjoy more happiness and success? We ALL have had these thoughts! The moment that you and I realize that WE hold the key to our own happiness is the moment that our transformation can begin. This single realization can shift us out of VICTIM mode and propel us forward. We can no longer hold our families of origin or anyone else accountable for our lack of results. We are now the CEO of our life!!!

It takes approximately 30 days to make or break a habit. If you find yourself in self sabotage mode now is the time to address it and create a new habit. There are a lot of good life coaches out there that can help you through this process. You are worth the investment.

As always I welcome your feedback and any personal success stories you would like to share.


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