Good Character Is An Attitude…John Page Burton

We often hear people say that someone has “good character.” We have also heard it said that someone exhibits a “good attitude.”  What determines good character? Why do some people achieve massive personal success while others struggle with mediocrity? My studies on leadership and my work in the personal development arena have lead me to believe that having good character and having a positive attitude go hand in hand.

Here’s Why….

People with good character usually have an upbeat outlook on life. They are positive, approachable, cooperative and they view their challenges with a “glass half full” mentality. When they have bad days ( as we all do) they recover quickly and look for solutions. They seldom if ever go victim to events or situations. They possess a “whatever it takes” mindset and tend to focus on what will work rather than what went wrong.  People with good character  display an attitude of gratitude. They are appreciative of the opportunities they have, the friends they know, the luxuries they can afford and they are quick to give praise to those who have helped them along the way.

Think about the people in your life that you consider to be people of sound character. What is their attitude? Do they exhibit the traits I mentioned? I believe that if you look closely you will find that they do.

Character is an attitude.


6 thoughts on “Good Character Is An Attitude…John Page Burton

  1. A good attitude/character is based on your belief system. If you know you are blessed to be a blessing and not here to just be here. Then your purpose is evident.


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