Free Of Limitations…John Page Burton

Any time we encounter a ” limitation” in our lives, we are well served to remember that it is never about the situation itself. The “limitation” is based solely on the way we CHOOSE to interpret it and respond to it. All of us have the ability to exercise supreme power over each and every situation that we perceive to be “limiting” us from moving forward. In other words, once we change our perception the “limitation” is gone! This is a very powerful awareness.

I am not diminishing the fact that ALL of us face challenges in our lives and that some of these challenges appear quite daunting. Our empowerment comes when we CHOOSE to assign a new meaning to any perceived “limitation” that may arise. Remember that there is a solution to every problem.

If we are not growing we are dying! We must always strive to become more. All of us are capable of setting bigger goals and we can CHOOSE to move towards them with higher levels of enthusiasm and focus. It is convenient to use our “limitations” as an excuse to play a smaller game of life. By seeking creative ways to move through our challenges we are building muscles that will assist us in reaching new heights. It is up to each of us to make the DECISION that we are no longer being held captive by our perceived “limitations”.

As always I enjoy your comments and feedback.


4 thoughts on “Free Of Limitations…John Page Burton

  1. You have to get in shape for football and you have to get in shape for life. Expecting success or not attempting it is the path for those who are afraid of what a purpose driven life holds in store. It is also known as being LAZY!


    • Great take! We are blessed to live in a country in which each of has the ability to chart their own unique course and thus we should all be taking advantage of this opportunity.


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