Is It Better To Be Broke Or Poor?…John Page Burton

During the course of my lifetime, I have enjoyed times of great abundance and I am also familiar with what it feels like to be broke. I have lived in beautiful homes and I also know what it feels like to sleep in the backseat of my car. Looking back, I can honestly say that there has never been a time in my life that I ever saw myself as being poor. Let me explain…

BROKE is a temporary condition, POOR is a state of mind. If we accept “poor” as our position in life, the odds are stacked against our success. However, if we just happen to be broke or as I like to say…”a little light on cash” we are simply encountering a bump in the road. In order to change our economic future we must first form a clear vision of where we desire to end up and then we must develop a strategic plan for getting there. Success is available to anyone who is willing to pay the price and take massive action.

We must NEVER allow thoughts of being “poor” to enter our mind. There can be no room for “poor” thoughts when we are chasing success! Remember… our past does not dictate our future. We have absolutely NO control over yesterday but we do have complete control of our thoughts in the present moment. How big are your dreams? No magic can ever come from tiny dreams! Dream BIG!

In my humble opinion it is much better to be broke than to be poor.

I welcome your thoughts and insight.

8 thoughts on “Is It Better To Be Broke Or Poor?…John Page Burton

  1. Years ago I saw a poster ( in NY) that showed a man dressed in his riding gear with his foot on the running board of his convertible saying “Poverty Sucks”. I agree – As a hypnotherapist I help people raise their financial “set point” from the program they were raised with to the one they choose to have now.


  2. I love that mantra….If you have to choose, I would definitely pick I am broke right now, not poor. Say that three times today and three times tomorrow, by third day “you are broke” on fourth day you are on your way to becoming financially fit….:) Thank you John for helping me change my current financial story…Great post.


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